Germany : nine injured in Chemnitz, the tension mounts

Nine people were injured in margin news events, antagonists of more than 8,000 people Saturday in Chemnitz in Germany, organized on the one side by the ultra-right anti-immigrant and opposite movements of the left.

This saxon city of the former GDR was for a week the epicenter of the mobilization of the extreme German right against the “foreigners” in the wake of a murder of which is suspected to be an asylum seeker. The gatherings themselves unfolded without incident, in the presence of a very important device policeman to avoid a confrontation between supporters of the two camps.

But clashes occurred at the time of the dispersal of processions, when the most determined of the two sides have sought to approach each other to a fight. The police said that nine people had been injured during his intervention in order to avoid direct clashes, in a press release issued late in the evening. A team of public television local MDR has filed a complaint after being assaulted during a shoot. A member of the team has been injured and its broken hardware.

An Afghan of 20-year-old was beaten

Moreover, on the sidelines of these gatherings, in a peripheral district of Chemnitz, an Afghan of 20-year-old was beaten in the evening by a group of four men on the face camouflaged. He was slightly injured, according to police.

About 4,500 people marched to the call of various right-wing movements, mainly the Alternative for Germany (AfD), and the gathering anti-islam and anti-Merkel, Pegida. Some chanted “we are the people”, echoing the slogan of the protesters during the fall of the communist regime of the GDR in the fall of 1989, or even “Merkel get out!” by wearing German flags. Others marched with large portraits of the victims of the attacks perpetrated by asylum seekers.

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In parallel, the call of several associations and political parties of the left, about 3,500 people, according to police, marched in responding to the word order: “the heart, rather than hatred”. “Chemnitz is neither grey nor brown”, could we play it on a huge poster stuck under the imposing bust of Karl Marx in front of the City hall. Chemnitz was called Karl-Marx-Stadt during the communist period in the GDR.

The government, by the voice of the minister of foreign Affairs, Heiko Maas, has lent its support to this latest event, which will be followed on Monday by a rock concert against xenophobia under the slogan, “We are more”.

“Germany has caused unthinkable suffering to Europe. If again people marched today in the streets doing the nazi salute, the past of our history requires us to resolutely defend democracy,” he wrote on Twitter. A week ago, 800 far-right sympathisers had made a “hunt for foreigners” in the city, after the killing that has set fire to the powder.

And the next day, clashes between more than 2,000 protesters from an extreme right and about a thousand counter-demonstrators close to the extreme left had already done so several wounded.

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