Amanda Nunes DESTROYS Holly Holm with her own head kick to retain title at UFC 239

AMANDA NUNES cemented her place as the greatest women’s fighter in UFC history after defeating ex-champion Holly Holm with a stunning KO.

Despite early pressure from former world champion boxer Holm, Nunes landed a perfectly disguised head kick that had her opponent scrambling on the deck.

Amanda Nunes scored a stunning head kick KO to defeat Holly Holm

Nunes landed a carbon copy of the same high kick that Holm famously caught UFC icon Ronda Rousey with before scoring a stunning upset in 2016.

Smelling blood the champion let made sure of the win by hammering home punches with Holm left beaten on the floor.

Nunes successfully defended her bantamweight title and in doing so wiped out every previous holder of the belt – beating Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate previously.

The Brazilian also becomes the first two-weight world champion to drop back down in division and defend a belt.

Having beaten Cris Cyborg for the featherweight title in December, Nunes announced plans to move back up to 145lbs and defend her second title.

Nunes said: “I knew I was going to get her with her own kick.

“I told my coach I wanted to knock her out the same way she likes to knock people out and then I did it tonight.

“I definitely want to defend my 145 belt. Let’s see, I’m going to talk to Dana [White]. Dana tomorrow I’m going to call you and we’re going to have a talk.

“This feels amazing.”


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