Amazing orgasms and the UK’s strongest vagina that can weight-lift tins of baked beans: Meet the women reaping the benefits of Gwyneth’s bonkers ‘jade’ eggs

KIRSTY Wright has a special talent: she can lift more than a kilogram of baked beans from her vagina – and says her private parts are the strongest in the UK.

The 49-year-old is one of thousands of women who believe that inserting ‘yoni’ eggs into their vaginas on a regular basis have improved their sex lives, bladder control – and even allowed them to embark on unique weightlifting regimes.

Kirsty Wright claims to have the UK’s strongest vagina

Yoni eggs are stones made from crystals such as jade and rose quartz and have become popular with some women putting them inside their vaginas to improve their health.

Fans of the eggs say they work in a similar way to kegels – pelvic floor exercises prescribed to women after they give birth – as they force the vaginal wall to contract in order to keep them in place.

When Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle company, Goop first started selling jade eggs in 2017, they sold out immediately.

And they’ve still got a large following online and in social media groups such as Yoni Egg Rocks and Priestesses of the Jade Egg, where hundreds of women get together to share tips about how to use them.

However medical experts say there is no evidence that these eggs work, and yesterday Goop was forced to pay £112,514 after it was sued for making unscientific claims about their benefits.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle site Goop has paid a settlement due to false claims about the health benefits of vaginal eggs
AP:Associated Press

While all Gwynnie’s customers have been offered a full refund, Sun Online speaks to the British women who aren’t prepared to give up their jade eggs just yet.

‘I wear an egg inside my vagina all day’

Kirsty, a businesswoman from Cheshire, started using yoni eggs in 2011 after having her third child, Johnny.

“I was worried about my pelvic floor and vagina muscles being weak and not as tight,” says Kirsty, who now sells them on website Jade Eggs Global.

The first time Kirsty put them in, she said her vagina felt “quite loose”, and she only kept them in for a few minutes.

The controversial jade eggs are still on sale on Goop for £50

But as she got used to the eggs she began to gradually increase the length of her ‘workout’ sessions, building up to hours and eventually a full day.

“After some workouts I felt muscle soreness like you’d encounter after a gym session. Not only was my vagina becoming stronger but my lower back, bottom and stomach were as well,” she says.

Kirsty Wright with one of her beloved yoni eggs

Eager to learn more about what she could achieve, Kirsty made contact with Tatyana Kozhevnikova, a Russian expert in yoni eggs and the woman with the “world’s strongest vagina”.

“She showed me how to lift weights with the eggs inside me,” recalls Kirsty.

Kirsty started using Tatyana’s method of using a string attached to the inserted egg to hold weights to further improve her vaginal strength lifts.

Kirsty has trained herself to weight-lift up to 1kg using her vagina

“They fit easily into a sling which attaches via string to the egg. The most I have lifted in 900 grams and once a kilogram,” says Kirsty.

“Tatyana can lift over 10kg, but you don’t need to go over half a kilo to get the benefits.”

Laying the stones just like an egg

Cherie Wallace is a devotee of the eggs, saying they’ve improved her sex life

Cherie Wallace, a full-time carer and mum-of-four from Wolverhampton, first tried out yoni eggs two years ago, after becoming interested in New Age practises more generally.

The 31-year-old now has eight different crystal sets of three, costing £300 in total, and also runs an online store where she sells them.

“The first ones I tried were rose quartz, which is a mild, loving stone supposed to open the energy centres in your heart,” says Cherie, who wears yoni eggs every other day.

“You start off with a large stone, and as your vagina gets used to it and your pelvic floor gets tighter, you can eventually train yourself to wear smaller ones.

“They are easy to insert and don’t hurt – at first they can be a bit cold but you can warm them in your palm and you get used to them. You feel a tampon more.”

Cherie holding one of her sets of eggs

While most of the eggs have strings that allow you to take them out more easily, more experienced users such as Cherie can use ones without these – but they’re harder to remove.

“To get them out you have to ‘push’ them out by straining – it’s a bit like doing a poo but from your front,” she says.

Before using them, Cherie burns sage in order to ‘cleanse’ her eggs from negative energy, and also washes them with warm, soapy water.

“I also check for any cracks, as bacteria can go into them, putting you more at risk from infections. I always buy my eggs from places that have a certificate guaranteeing that they are made from real, smooth crystal.”

Experts warn against the use of the eggs

Tania Adib, Consultant Gynaecologist at the Lister Hospital in Chelsea, says she wouldn’t recommend that women use the yoni eggs, for the following reasons:

  • “If you’re putting objects inside the vagina they need to be properly cleaned, as otherwise you can run the risk of getting bacterial infections.
  • “There’s also a possibility the eggs could get stuck inside you, leading to the possibility of lacerations, aka deep cuts, in the skin of the vagina: these can be painful and again cause infections. Women who have gone through the menopause are particularly at risk, as your vaginal walls get thinner during this time.
  • “Using the yoni egg for several hours can cause your pelvic floor to spasm and contract, leading to pain in the pelvic area.
  • “I’d advise women to do kegel exercises instead, as these are scientifically proven to be safe and there are many research studies pointing to their effectiveness in training the pelvic floor.
  • “It’s true that when women are stressed it can affect their hormones, however there’s no evidence to say that using yoni eggs make women feel calmer – trying out yoga or meditation for relaxation is safer.”

I use eggs while I have sex

Cherie says that she ‘wears’ the eggs while having sex with her husband around once a week, and says they have made her feel more horny.

“The red Jasper stone is the best for sex, as it is believed to be able to raise your sexual energy,” Cherie says.

“I’ve noticed a rise in my libido, and whenever I use them I find I have better and more intense orgasms.

“My husband can’t feel the egg when he’s inside me, and he loves it as it makes sex more pleasurable and exciting. It’s a really great thing to do as part of experimenting with each other as a couple.”

She also masturbates with specialist wands designed from the same stones as her yoni eggs – and says they give her the same effects.

Cherie also uses wands made out of the same crystals to masturbate, and cleanses them with sage

Kirsty said one of the reasons she tried the eggs in the first place was that she feared the quantity and quality of her orgasms would start to decline if she didn’t keep her vagina toned.

Just two weeks after trying the eggs for the first time, Kirsty said she had more intense orgasms and more ‘control’ with her vagina.

“My husband says sex has never been better,” she says. “I feel like a teenager again: who needs a designer vagina when you can exercise your way to better sexual health?”

The eggs gave me a very quick labour

Cherie had her fourth child in August, and while she didn’t use the eggs during the first trimester as she wanted to be careful, she did in the last six months – and credits them with giving her an easier labour than normal.

“My labour only lasted two hours, and I didn’t need any stitches,” she says.

“My three others were harder and I needed stitches after – the only thing I’ve done differently is using the eggs.”

Cherie says her fourth labour was easier thanks to the eggs

But while Cherie can’t say exactly how it’s worked, she believes using yoni eggs have changed her vagina for the better.

“Despite the fact I’ve had four kids, I can hold in my wee for ages and have excellent bladder control – my doctors are so surprised. My cervical examinations have also all been completely clear.”

Kirsty feels that the eggs have worked in the same way for her – and as well as improving her pelvic floor, she says she now has super strong bottom muscles and upper thighs and a tighter, flatter stomach.

She says: “I think it’s important we talk about how the eggs work and more importantly what they can help a person do.”


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