Amazon customer stunned after delivery driver hurls box of lightbulbs through upstairs window

AN Amazon customer was stunned after a delivery driver hurled a box of lightbulbs through an upstairs window.

Claudine McLaren, 43, returned home to find a note saying the parcel had been “left in the safe place you told us about”.

The woman’s window was left open enough for the delivery driver to hurl the parcel in
A note had been left by the delivery driver saying the box of bulbs had been thrown through their open upstairs window

The driver added it had been ‘put through an open window’ on the ‘sorry we missed you’ card.

The yoga teacher, of Houghton-on-the-Hill, Leics, found the £9.99 LED lightbulbs intact on a bedroom floor.

It left her baffled as to how the bulbs had got there in the first place.

She said: “I’m surprised he managed to get it in. The window isn’t much bigger than the box.

“The window is over 10 feet in the air, and there is no evidence he used a ladder. And there is nothing to stand on.

“He must have just stood on the pavement outside and chucked it through the window.

“Fortunately, it was very well padded and the bulbs weren’t damaged. So I just found the whole thing hilarious. But if they’d been broken, I might have felt differently.”

She added: “I just found it very weird. The driver ticked the ‘we left it in the safe place you told us about’ box – but that certainly isn’t an open window ten feet in the air.”

An Amazon spokesman said: “We expect every package to be handled with care.”



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