Amazon forced to give Alexa users the option to stop staff listening to recordings of them having sex

AMAZON finally gave its Alexa users the option to block recordings of them having sex.

It came after we revealed last week that staff have regularly listened in when smart speakers pick up private conversations and other, saucier activities.

Amazon’s Alexa finally offers users the option to switch off recordings

Amazon is now updating the settings to let users opt out.

Each time the intelligent assistant hears the wake-up phrase “Alexa” — or thinks it has — it records what it hears.

Employees listen to some recordings to work out why Alexa gets requests wrong or is wrongly activated.

Apple and Google had already suspended the practice of humans reviewing recordings.

Amazon has not gone that far but insisted: “We take customer privacy seriously and continuously review our practices and procedures.

It comes after The Sun revealed Amazon staff listen to Alexa recordings of British people rowing and having sex
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“For Alexa, we already offer customers the ability to opt out of having their voice recordings used to help develop new Alexa features.

“The voice recordings from customers who use this opt-out are also excluded from our supervised learning workflows that involve manual review of an extremely small sample of Alexa requests.

“We’ll also be updating information we provide to customers to make our practices more clear.”



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