Amber Davies reveals how terrifying Love Island lie detector REALLY works

WHEN you’re sitting in the Love Island lie detector chair it’s as real as it gets.

I loved last night’s episode. There was comedy gold, tears and it brought back terrifying memories for me of taking the test.


Amber was a big fan of last night’s lie detector episode[/caption]

There’s always speculation that the machine is fake, but I can assure you it’s not.

It’s definitely not fake. You have two clips on your fingers and a monitor on your heart. It’s quite intense.

I know it looks like it’s a joke, but when you’re actually in that chair it’s so terrifying.

It’s an actual shock, you have no idea what they’re going to ask you and there’s a lot more they ask than they actually show.


Laura Crane’s questions were a master stroke, according to Amber[/caption]

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The boys surprised me last night as they actually did better than I thought they would.

They didn’t pass 100 per cent, but at the end of the day, they’re stuck in the villa and there are going to be doubts.

Whoever decided to get Laura Anderson to read Laura Crane’s questions deserves a pay rise. I thought it was comedy gold. It was hilarious.

It was a bit of karma. She put her little digs in, but it wasn’t too much.


Amber’s heart broke after Megan revealed concerns about her stripper past[/caption]

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Amber said taking the lie detector test is ‘terrifying’[/caption]

I felt a lot of the girls showed their insecurities, and my heart broke for Megan when she cried in the Beach Hut.

I know she comes across quite hard and emotionless, but it just shows you never know what’s going on in someone’s head.

It makes me so sad because it’s her past, she can’t do anything about it.

She is regretful of it a little bit, and she’s a little bit embarrassed, and I don’t think she should be. Everything happens for a reason, and she wouldn’t be where she is today without it, and she’s learnt from it.


Laura Anderson’s quips were comedy gold, says Amber[/caption]

Even though Jack and Dani fell out at the end of the episode, I don’t think they’ll stay mad at each other for long.

I think Dani is like every female. We’re a bit stubborn. I think she wanted a bit more reassurance from him but instead he went on the defensive, and I think that’s a typical male thing to do.

I don’t think he’d cheat on her. I know in the outside world he won’t be disloyal to her. He’s besotted with her.

In my opinion he’s angry because he’s done everything in his power to show Dani that he adores her, and that’s not been enough for her, and it’s getting to him.


Dr Alex needs to be honest with his feelings, claims Amber[/caption]

I think he was nervous. He’s definitely not with her just because her dad is Danny Dyer. It must be such a big joke in the villa that he panicked a little bit.

Now, I feel sorry for Alexandra as I just don’t think Dr Alex is in to their relationship.

I think he’s being influenced around the villa to give it another go. He needs to be a little bit more true to his feelings.


Wes’s answers impressed Amber[/caption]

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He does want to really like her, but I think there must be a spark missing for him because it doesn’t seem to fit right.

I think she’s lovely. I want her to find someone, but I don’t think Dr Alex is the one for her.

Couples Goals

For me it’s got to be Kaz and Josh.

They were just so sweet in the lie detector and you can tell they are completely into each other.

In the villa relationships are way more intense than in the outside world, but they’ve definitely got what it takes to make it works once the show ends.


Josh and Kaz again. Josh really impressed me, and Wes did, too. They’re very young and they give me the impression they’re quite career driven. They both answered in a lovely way.

It surprised me with Josh a little bit because it made me realise he’s a lot more genuine than I thought.


Paul. He’s just too grumpy. He’s got a bit of salty energy about him. I just want him to loosen up a little bit and have more fun.


I think Dr Alex is mugging himself off because he’s not being real with his emotions. It’s time he put Alexandra first and was up front with her.

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