Amber Rudd hints she may team up with Boris Johnson in a future Tory leadership contest

AMBER Rudd has hinted at a “dream ticket” Tory leadership pairing with Boris Johnson.

The former Home Secretary – who has crossed swords with BoJo in the past – insisted they are “good friends” and that she admires the fact he is socially liberal.

PA:Press Association

Amber Rudd has hinted she could team with Boris Johnson in a future Tory leadership contest[/caption]

Ian Whittaker – The Sun

Rudd said she and Boris are ‘good friends’[/caption]

Ms Rudd, forced to quit over the Windrush migrants fiasco, revealed she may throw her hat into the ring if there is a leadership contest in future, adding: “Don’t write me off yet.”

Asked if she could be the ex-Foreign Secretary’s running mate, she replied: “The other way round!”

She insisted that the fact she is a Remainer would not damage her leadership credentials.

Ms Rudd added: “Just because I campaigned for Remain doesn’t mean my view on what Brexit we get is less relevant than Jacob Rees-Mogg’s.

“He and his supporters are not the keepers of the sacred Brexit text.”



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