Record fine for Google in Europe !

Blow to Google in Europe ! Indeed, Brussels has ordered the u.s. giant to pay a fine of 4.3 billion euros in the context of the case of antitrust of its mobile OS Android. It is a record amount since never, the european Commission had imposed such a fine. In addition, to require the company to end its illegal practices in the 90 days, Brussels is a threat to the mother house, Alphabet, of puncture of the periodic penalty payments of up to 5% of its average daily turnover for the world.

Google continues to be accused of abusing its dominant position in Android

The reason of this punishment ? Google is accused of exploiting his dominant position on Android, in order to impose in their own applications. The european Commission believes that Google is forcing smartphone manufacturers to pre-install Google Search and make it the default search engine on phones powered by Android in Europe. In addition, the Commission accused the american giant ofpreventing the manufacturers from producing devices running another OS , or even the blackmail of Google with manufacturers and operators to force them to pre-install Google Search in exclusivity in return for financial incentives. In the Face of these complaints, Google tried to explain, but was not able to convince Europe.

Of course, the firm of Mountain View has stated that it would appeal this decision. A spokesman for the company explained : “Android has created more choice for everyone, not less“.

With this new penalty, Google just to see its latest fine to explode. In June 2017, the american firm, with already been condemned by the same Commission, to pay an amount of 2.42 billion euros for having abused its dominant position in online search, this time with its price comparison Google Shopping.

The cinema has changed in a few decades, and there are many criticisms against it. is therefore launching a debate to find out what you think.

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