American designer creates amazing high heels inspired by delicious cakes

GATEAU that’s clever — designer Chris Campbell has a business making shoes inspired by cake.

Chris, 35, carefully pipes fake buttercream and sticks tiny decorations on the £200 to £500 shoes in Florida.

Chris Campbell makes amazing pairs of high heels inspired by delicious cake designs
Caters News Agency

Caters News Agency

He uses baking tools like piping bags, tips and acrylic mediums[/caption]

He even uses baking tools like piping bags, tips and acrylic mediums of different types to get the texture and the decoration that give the shoes a three dimensional aspect.

Chris says, “I love cake and waffles so much that I put them on shoes.

“I really thought it would be a different idea to try for women’s heels. Who doesn’t love sweets?”

Chris, 35, from Orlando in Florida, started making the dessert-inspired shoes in 2013 – but has recently seen an explosion of interest from customers.

He added: “The handmade shoes are only online and we have a few boutiques that sell our manufactured items.

“Our shoes can be customised and most of our orders are wedding orders and can be altered from top to bottom.”

Chris says the idea of making the shoes came from his stint at college where he used to create sneakers for students and try to make the texture look realistic such as metal, wood, water and even skin.

“I always enjoyed the challenge of making things seem like something they weren’t.

“I started Shoe Bakery with the same idea in mind by taking desserts and using them as inspiration for women’s heels.

“I experimented for a while before getting started and I notice that this could work.

“It was shared on Facebook, and grew so fast within a week and then we started to grow on Instagram very quickly from everyone sharing our pictures.”

Looks like a cake walk.

Chris started making the cake-inspired shoes in 2013
Caters News Agency
The pairs range between £200-500 and are available both at stores as well as online
Caters News Agency


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