American Horror Story: 1984 leaves fans reeling as murdered camp counsellors return from the dead

DOES anyone really die on American Horror Story: 1984?

The Ryan Murphy anthology series has kept us on our toes with all manner of twists in its ninth season, which pays homage to classic eighties slasher flicks.

American Horror Story Margaret praying
Margaret was behind the 1970 Camp Redwood massacre

We’ve seen backstabbing aplenty, with Montana attempting to orchestrate Brook’s murder, Nurse Rita freeing Mr Jingles in the first place and of course the nefarious Margaret confessing to murdering her Camp Redwood peers.

However, this week’s instalment takes the cake when it comes to flipping the script as a bevvy of camp counsellors were resurrected.

Seeming to taking a leaf out of Murder House’s book, in which those who experience violent deaths are tethered to the locations they took place, a sense of purgatory took hold for the unfortunate victims of Richard Ramirez and Mr Jingles.

Following in the footsteps of Ray and Jonas, the ensemble of murdered teens made an epic comeback, with the exception of Gus Kenworth, who is no doubt still dragging himself out of the lake.

The confusing thing about the limbo theory is that while the current generation of campers are back, we’ve still only seen a handful of victims from the original 1970 massacre.

American Horror Story Xavier
Xavier was left to burn in an oven

Considering they were all stabbed to death before having their ears cut off, they certainly subscribe to the violent death theory, yet have remained almost entirely unseen.

It remains to be seen if this is an inconsistency or if the victims will manifest later in the series.

One thing’s for sure though, fans couldn’t get enough of the mass reincarnation.

“I knew they’d be back! Way too early in the series for that many deaths. Can’t wait to see how this plays out,” one Twitter user wrote.

American Horror Story
Motana and Ramirez teamed up back in episode 3
American Horror Story Margaret
Emma Roberts’ Brook has been terrorised since episode 1

A second gushed: “AHS you’ve done it again. Now we just need to see when they’ll die again…”

While a third added: “Okay this last episode has totally thrown me, honestly no idea what to expect now.”

However, the death count is still rising, as Xavier and Montana were seen murdering newcomers in the promo clip for next week’s episode, which will be the show’s 100th.

No doubt Murphy has something big planned to mark the milestone and given that Richard Ramirez and Mr Jingles are en route to Los Angeles, it’s fair to assume a potential crossover might lie in wait on the west coast.

American Horror Story airs Thursday on FOX in the UK and is available to stream on NOW TV.


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