American Idol fans left reeling when Katy Perry and judges eliminate Demi Rae Moreno after her ‘soulful’ performance

FANS were raging after Katy Perry and the judges eliminated Demi Rae Moreno during last night’s episode of American Idol: Final Judging.

The San Jose native performed Lonely by Noah Cyrus and although this was her best performance to date, it was not enough to get her to the Top 20.


Demi Rae did not make it into the Top 20[/caption]


Fans claimed she had been ‘robbed’[/caption]

After many highs and lows during last night’s episode of American Idol, fans were particularly upset when the 26-year-old was eliminated from the competition.

One faithful viewer wrote: “You got robbed, sweetheart! Loved your performance and you looked beautiful! Never give up!”

Another one claimed she should have been the winner of the season and wrote: “I am done with this show. It’s about who’s marketable and not necessarily talented.”

Others pointed their finger at the judges and said they “missed the call on that Demi Rae.”


Fans were upset that Demi Rae had been eliminated[/caption]


Others applauded her for positive attitude[/caption]

Others applauded her for positive attitude after she was eliminated after she claimed that her “no is someone else’s yes.”

One fan wrote: “Girl, your strength is unbeatable and that strong character is what makes a woman!

“You’re someone for EVERYONE to look up to! I hope this isn’t the end of your journey, just the beginning…!”


Demi Rae performed Lonely by Noah Cyrus[/caption]


This was her best performance to date[/caption]

Much like Demi Rae had pointed out, she had been nervous and insecure most of the competition and although her performance in Hawaii was the best one yet, it had been her track record of safe performances that ultimately sent her home.

After the judges eliminated her – even though she was one of Katy’s favorites – Demi Rae walked out to her family and friends to hug them.

Through tears, she told the cameras as she accepted her fate in the show: “My no is someone’s else yes and I’m ok with that because it’s not my time right now.”


Luke Bryan hugged Demi when she made it through her Hollywood round[/caption]

She first stood out to the judges when she performed Noah Cyrus’ Mad About You.

When Katy had asked her if she had ever performed professionally, she told her she hadn’t because she was insecure that she didn’t look like the other girls.

Lionel Richie told her: “If this is how you sing scared to death and with no confidence, I can’t imagine what you’ll be when you realize, ‘Oh my God, I’ve got this.’ Because that’s what you’re going to need from this point.”

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