American Idol star Syesha Mercado sobs & screams as police take away 10-DAY-old baby months after ‘kidnapping’ 1st child

AMERICAN Idol finalist Syesha Mercado screamed and sobbed as police took away her 10-DAY-old baby five months after she alleged her first child was “legally kidnapped.”

The singer and Broadway performer was stopped by Florida law enforcement who proceeded to do a roadside welfare check on the newborn – leading to the explosive confrontation. 

The Idol alum – who placed third on the the show in 2008 behind David Cook and David Archuleta – posted the more than hour-long traffic stop to her 107,000 Instagram followers.

The clip begins with her partner, Tyron Deener, filming with his phone from the driver’s seat of the car as Syesha is in the backseat cradling their baby. 

“We’re currently detained by the Manatee County Sheriff’s Department,” Tyron said with a disappointing expression while adding that an “unmarked” law enforcement vehicle had allegedly been waiting outside their home and followed the family. 

“We’re surrounded… they’re warning us to turn over our newborn,” he told his attorney over the phone of the Sherriff’s presence at the scene. 

The couple continue to reiterate for several more minutes that their baby is “healthy” and just had a doctor’s checkup but insist they’ll take her to a hospital if there is any concern. 

However, the child protective services team present during the encounter claimed proper paperwork wasn’t filed with officials – leading to the police stop and their reasoning for taking the infant. 

“You have no heart. This is so wrong,” the heartbroken mom told the men and women taking away her baby as she broke down in tears.

She then claimed that their attorney had the paperwork and “all they had to do was call” to sort the matter out. 

Despite Syesha hysterically sobbing at her child being taken from her, the CPS workers present on the scene repeatedly told her to “hand over the baby” – showing little sympathy for the tough situation. 

As Syesha complied and put the baby in the officials’ SUV, she continued to cry and yell that what they are doing “isn’t right.”

“You guys have created so much trauma. You just expect me to come outside and be like, hi, guys, you’re my friends. You’re not my friends,” she exclaimed. 

The baby is heard loudly sobbing and screaming in the background as his mother and father are forced to give her up. 

Syesha, who is still breastfeeding her child, pumped milk into a bottle for the CPS worker to take with her for the baby.

The video has been viewed over a million times and has received thousands of comments from people expressing their disgust over the encounter – which many say was “racist.”

One commenter wrote: “Oh my GOD that SCREAM…every single mother felt that scream. We all stand with you. 

“You have a network of MOTHERS and FATHERS that are standing behind you, holding you. I am so, so sorry. 

“This is UNBELIEVABLE. it is TERRIFYING. If they can take YOUR babies, they can take any of ours. We will help you fight.”

Their family ordeal started in March when the songstress claimed their one-year-old son, Amen’Ra, was “legally kidnapped” by CPS.

“They claim we refused a B12 shot that was a matter of life and death, which is an absolute lie. We never refused a B12 shot, and at no point was he on the verge of death,” she said as their reasoning. “

She then alleged racism was at the root of their troubles: “Our son has since been placed with a white foster family without interviewing qualified relatives or friends of our family for placement while they investigate. 

“We are given limited information and presently only have weekly zoom visitation for an hour with our son, with no court order stating these visitation limitations.

“The racial discrimination that our community is facing right now is focused on Police Brutality because of the visibility and documentation. In particular, the Victimization of our children through the Foster Care System. 

“They become the forgotten ones, falling through the cracks because mothers and fathers are too afraid to take on the gigantic task of standing up to a way of thinking and laws that are steeped in colonial times,” reads her GoFundMe, which was initially created to help bring her first son home.


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