Amir Khan rehydration clause is a ‘deal breaker’ that could derail Kell Brook fight

EDDIE HEARN has cast doubts on the fight between rivals Amir Khan and Kell Brook saying Khan’s 10 lbs rehydration clause could be a “deal breaker.”

Brook has said in the past that he was finished fighting at the welterweight limit of 147lbs after struggling to make weight.

Kell Brook has launched a blistering attack on his British rival Amir Khan
Kell Brook has launched a few blistering attacks on his British rival Amir Khan

But the Sheffield fighter is prepared to go down to 147lbs to face Khan but has said he doesn’t like the idea of having a 10lbs rehydration clause that Khan is trying for.

Khan came forward last month saying the only way the fight happens is if both he and Brook are restricted to a 10 lbs limit on how much the can rehydrate to bringing in a second day weight in on the day of the fight.

“2nd day weigh In. Brook fought under IBF 10lb rule for few fights. I want the brook fight at 147lbs with a 10lb rehydration limit. All the top fights do it. Give the fans the fight they want,” Khan said on his social media.

Brook said: “The fight fans know the only clause you’re really interested in is the get out clause!”

Amir Khan had hoped to fight Manny Pacquiao next, but that bout looks dead in the water
Amir Khan wants to limit how much weight Kell Brook can gain
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Hearn said Brook will fight at 154lbs against a “top 15 guy” on December 8 and then look to take on Khan in March.

Hearn told Boxing Scene: “We are tying up the opponent now. He’s going to be a top 15 guy in the world rankings.

“We all know we want the Khan fight. I do believe that’s going to happen in March. But Kell has only boxed once since March.”

Hearn said that for Brook to make the 147 lbs limit he has to stay in the gym as after fights Brook can go up in weight to 182 lbs.

“To make 147, you have to keep Kell Brook in the gym. So the plan is to have this fight at December 8th and keep Kell Brook in the gym until March.

“This fight will be at 154 but I expect Kell to come in at 151 and 152.

“He’s biggest problem he’d have one fight and then he’s 182. The plan is to have this fight and have a few days off and back in the gym.”

Amir Khan says he has faithin Eddie Hearn to finally deliver a Kell Brook fight
Amir Khan says he has faith in Eddie Hearn to finally deliver a Kell Brook fight
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Hearn expresses his concerns saying that Khan’s rehydration clause could be the “deal breaker.”

He said: “The rehydration cause may be a deal breaker. Kell has said he wants the fight at 147lbs. He’s going to run out in December against a decent opponent.

“Then we can make the Khan fight for March.

“Let Kell do his work get the victory and we’ll finally get the big fight the British fans have been waiting for.”


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