Andrew Brown Jr’s family says dad’s hands ‘were visible as he sat in car when he was killed in firing squad massacre’

ANDREW Brown Jr’s family said they were able to view more of the body cam video from Brown’s police shooting death and saw his hands were fully visible the whole time.

Pasquotank County deputies shot and killed Brown while he was in his car on April 21. They argued he posed a potential threat given his hands were absconded from sight – but Brown’s family disagrees.


Andrew Brown Jr’s hands were visible the whole time, his family’s attorneys say[/caption]

Attorneys Harry Daniels and Bakari Sellers gave a press briefing after Brown’s family saw more of the video, saying law enforcement’s rhetoric against Brown is not proven in the video.

“They had to go through and endure something over the last two hours that not many of us can ever imagine,” Sellers said of Brown’s family. “We anticipate seeing an unjustified killing.”

Protests have taken over the streets of the North Carolina city of Elizabeth City since Brown’s April 21 death after police had raided his truck in an attempt to serve him with an arrest warrant on drug charges.

Brown’s family cried at his funeral as they demanded the deputies who killed Brown be held accountable.


Brown’s son cried during his father’s funeral calling for more justice[/caption]

The protests called for the full public release of the tapes. At Tuesday’s press conference, the attorneys said they watched all six tapes: one dashcam video and five body cam tapes.

Sellers and his colleagues said they watched Brown sitting in his truck with his hands visible the entire time, adding he was likely on his phone.

After a shot rang out, the car went into reverse in a manner away from the deputies, Sellers and his colleagues said.

“What we saw on that video was an unjustified killing,” Sellers said, adding that the family saw something that entails “criminal investigation.”

“We were able to see Mr. Brown sitting in his vehicle as he was ambushed and as the Sheriff’s Office made their way to his residence,” said attorney Chance Lynch.

“At all times, his hands were visible, at all times you could see he was not a threat,” Lynch continued.

So far, four deputies have been suspended from duty as investigations continue into whether they fired their weapons.


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