Angelina Jolie in the cold with Amal Clooney since her divorce with Brad Pitt ? The crazy rumor

Angelina Jolie-she decided to declare the war with Amal Clooney ? This is affirmed by an astonishing rumor.

Where is the divorce of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt ? If recently it became known that the actor was allowed to see his children, accompanied by a therapist, since there was not much new with the procedure. This is not surprising, as the two stars do not seem to reach consensus on several key points regarding the custody of their children. But the tabloids are when even proof of a beautiful imagination ! In fact, recently, the website Radar Online claimed that Brad Pitt was ready to use a dark matter to sink to Angelina Jolie, a rumour which has however rapidly been disproved. And today the ex-couple is again in the news.

In fact, according to a source at the site The Sun, George Clooney would have taken the advantage of Brad Pitt in his divorce with Angelina Jolie, and his wife Amal Clooney would be of the same opinion as her husband. This last would have found the behavior of the actress and director “crazy”, which would be income to the ears of the beautiful brunette. Since, this would be the war between Angelina Jolie and Amal Clooney, who are still at the base have all to hear ! In fact both women are influential and are distinguished both for their humanitarian commitment admirable. But can we trust this rumor ? Probably not, given that until now all the gossip about the ex-couple have been disproved, such as the one that claimed that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston found themselves in secret to Paris.

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