Angelina Polikarpova – Queen of Blog 2020/21: two more beauties and with a minimum of votes

Angelina Polikarpova – Queen of Blog 2020: And with a tight fight in the first place with two more beauties and with a minimum of votes of difference the winner of Queen of this year is the Beautiful Angelina of which I know that this year 2021 we will know enough. And with this beauty I wish you a HAPPY YEAR 2021.

This survey was quite close to know which of these beauties would be the Queen of this year for the page giving as the winner with a small number of votes of difference, but I had to define it at this time (I had to have a list of the most voted galleries because I did not know who was going to win) and the winner is the beautiful Angelina with this post I wish you all an excellent YEAR 2021, this year was not typical for all but hopefully everything will be better this 2021. HAPPY YEAR.

Result of the Survey: Which of these beauties deserves the throne of the Queen of Blog 2020?



















































































































ANGELINA POLIKARPOVA 18.77% (76 votes)

PRESLEY LAVERGNE 18.27% (74 votes)

ANNA GRUDINA 16.05% (65 votes)

AMIT GOFFMAN LEVI 11.36% (46 votes)

BRIGHTON SHARBINO 10.12% (41 votes)

ALENA KOSTOMAYA 5.19% (21 votes)

ISABELLA ARDLEY 4.94% (20 votes)

ANNIKA OVIEDO 4.69% (19 votes)

ADRIANA POMSPITZ 3.46% (14 votes)

MIA KIM 3.21% (13 votes)

ALANA KERN 2.72% (11 votes)

VIENNA DEL MASTRO 1.22% (5 votes)


Total Votes: 405










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