Anthony Joshua was too mentally weak to hold onto his heavyweight titles which led to Ruiz Jr loss, says rival Wilder

ANTHONY JOSHUA was too mentally weak to hold on to his heavyweight world titles, according to Bronze Bomber Deontay Wilder.

AJ, who only started boxing aged 18, surrendered his WBA, IBF and WBO belts to Mexican outsider Andy Ruiz Jr on June 1.

Deontay Wilder said AJ was too mentally weak to hold onto titles which led to his Ruiz loss
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The 2012 Olympic icon had always been open and honest about the possibility of suffering a loss, though few expected it to come against the 19st underdog.

But undefeated WBC king Wilder believes that mentality played a pivotal part in the 30-year-old getting floored four times in Madison Square Garden.

Ahead of his November 23 rematch with Luis Ortiz, 41-0-1 Wilder said: “So me and Anthony Joshua, we have different mindsets. My mindset is very strong. It’s way stronger than him.

“I spoke about this before and Joshua, he called it upon himself. He knew he was going to lose one day. He had spoken about it.

“He had spoken it to the universe and even when it was time for it to happen, look, he gave his belts over to Ruiz.

“He literally transported his belts to this man. His energy gave his belts to this man.

“My mindset is different. I’m a totally different king. I’m a totally different beast. I’m the best in the world and I prove it each and every time I go in the ring.”

Anthony Joshua was floored four times in Madison Square Garden
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The one blemish on 34-year-old Wilder’s record is the December 1 draw with new WWE star Tyson Fury, that is scheduled to be rerun on February 22.

Despite Fury dominating the American for large chunks of the Staples Center battle and trash talking him before and after the tie, Wilder wishes the mental health awareness campaigner well.

Undefeated Fury, who suffered a gruesome double-gash around his right eye in his September fight with Otto Wallin, has vowed to start his Wilder rematch training camp on January 10.

And the reigning champ sends his best wishes, saying: “I didn’t even get a chance to see Fury in WWE, I wish I actually got a chance to see it. I would have loved to see how he transformed from boxing to WWE.

“Although WWE is more entertainment as far as acting things out and boxing is more serious. We risk our lives for sure.

“But it would have been refreshing just to see how he does. I don’t hold grudges and I don’t have ill will towards any fighter.

“No fighter at all because I’m a fighter myself and I understand what we go through as fighters.

“If any fighters have the opportunity to do other great things outside of the boxing ring I’m all for it because most fighters, especially the ones they have been doing it since they were kids, feel like this is all they have got. This is all they know how to do.

“If all you know how to do is fight and let somebody dictate your career, then I feel sorry for you.

“The ones that know how to get out and go get another income or another resource, I congratulate you. I didn’t get to see it but hopefully I see a rerun or something and see how he did.”

Tyson Fury has vowed to start his Wilder rematch training camp on January 10 after a WWE stint
Wilder rematches Cuban southpaw Luis Ortiz before facing Fury
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