Anti-mosquito : 4 things that won’t work, absolutely not

At night, mosquitoes can make us live a hell on earth. Beyond the constant noise that they emit, their bites are very unpleasant. Many of us in search of the miracle cure that would prevent us, once and for all to being bitten. Only, some tricks are ineffective. We will reveal why.


On Youtube, there are a multitude of videos that broadcast ultrasound. Some of them have been viewed several hundreds of thousands of times. These sound waves have a frequency that exceeds 20 kHz, and repousseraient mosquitoes.

When they are posted on Youtube, the videos are compressed, and the sounds are altered. In addition, the speakers can not broadcast the actual ultrasound. Boxes ultrasounds are also unnecessary to avoid the mosquitoes. “All publications are unanimous : these systems ultrasound have not been proven scientifically”, says Frédéric Darriet to France Info, says medical entomologist at the Institute of research for development and the author of mosquitoes and men, chronicle of an outbreak foretold.


Citronella, a natural repellent which often praised the efficiency, would not work either. “No study has shown that lemongrass had any effect on mosquitoes, says Frédéric Darriet. Lots of companies sell candles or bracelets, scented with lemongrass, but it is the powder in their eyes, it’s no use,”, says he.

The bracelets anti-mosquito

In a folder on the effectiveness of anti-mosquito products, UFC que choisir advises to ban the bracelets. “Regardless of their active ingredient, chemical or herbal, bracelets anti-mosquito is an effective… zero” indicates the federal Union of consumers.

The essential oils

Some people prefer the natural methods rather than the mosquito spray. The essential oils of the most well-known to protect themselves against mosquito bites are citronella, but also geranium, anise, basil, cinnamon, lemon eucalyptus, lavender… In a diffuser or in platelets, the species of plants would not work against mosquitoes, according to UFC que choisir. In addition, essential oils are not suitable for pregnant women and children. All the more that they are photosensibilisantes. In contact with the sun, some of which may cause rash, redness, tasks, clear, or brown, or even blistering and depigmentation is irreversible.

To protect themselves from mosquito bites indoors, the best solution is a mosquito net, “optionally impregnated with a repellent” advises Frederic Darriet. The repellent DEET sprayed on skin and clothing is found to be very effective. However, these products will only operate for six hours and are to be used sparingly : especially for children and pregnant women. The chemical may potentially cause irritation of the skin, the eyes, but also headaches and breathing difficulties.

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