Antoine Griezmann and Adil Rami fart a cable to the micro of the journalists after their victory, the video that will make you laugh out loud !

Check out the story hilarious Antoine Griezmann on the day of the final.

“But it is that the idiot or the fool who dares to wake me ?” It is with this thought that Antoine Griezmann began his day of final. While he celebrated the victory of the World Cup 2018 with his daughter, the player has also had to speak about this event to the microphones of journalists. Accompanied by Adil Rami, the two friends made the show face-to – beIN SPORTS telling it as it is past their day of champions : “I got up at 11 o’clock, there is someone who has toqué at my door. I said to myself : ‘But who is the idiot or the fool who dares to wake me ?'” he said before continuing with the rest of her story : “you have to go to the breakfast because the coach was forced ! But a coach from the beginning, I take no breakfast on the day of match and here I must take one.” Anthony then explains that he decided to make act of presence : “hey, guys, hey, guys.”

It is under the laughter of Adil Rami and journalists that the player continues his show of comedy : “I’m going down in my room and there I saw a series, The Last Kingdom. A time the chapter, or the episode. So after I had to go down to see the video at 1: 15. And there I know where we must attack the croats.” Adil Rami goes on to joke : “we knew We were going to win after the video. Because there were too many “snags” on their side… Modric, etc…” It is finally the time of the meal for the Blues, Antoine says that he has eaten pasta with gluten (important precision, made by Adil Rami) : “I go back in my room, too much gas so I burp, I fart, it’s normal. Then the coach gives us the starting 11. He told the boys “You loose nothing, when it is nothing it is nothing, not even crumbs. And here we are champions of the world.” If they had not won this world cup, these two have always been able to retrain as comedians. Otherwise, check out all the messages of congratulations to Eva Longoria, David Beckham, Iris Mattenaere for our Blue.

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