Antoine Griezmann : his brother Theo, reveals a conversation prescient during the World

Their fate was sealed. The team of France has won the world Cup 2018 in the face of the Croatian, Sunday, July 15. The players were welcomed with great pomp on the Champs-Élysées the next day before being received by Emmanuel and Bridget Macron on the front steps of the Elysée palace. Since then, the players take advantage of their holidays in family or between friends.

Very proud of his big brother, Théo Griezmann has multiplied the photos of the matches of the World Cup and even had the privilege of touching the trophy won by the Blues. The 21-year-old has also revealed on his account Instagram a conversation he had had with Antoine Griezmann on the 27th of June – well before the World cup final. Apparently, the footballer of 27 years, had no doubt on the fact of winning this competition.

You’ll play in the 8th, asked Theo by SMS : “of course”, replied Antoine Griezmann – “You will score 8 –th ?” – “Sure” – “You’re going to lift the world cup ?” – “Of course”, assured him the footballer, obviously very sure of himself and his team. A conversation premonitory did not fail to make people laugh on the internet : “Too funny brothers ! He was right, congratulations !”, “Tremendous”, “Excellent, it was sure that it wins !”, one can read in the many comments of the fans.

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