Call for a “bonus” bio for school canteens and hospital

Audrey Pulvar and other public figures argued for the creation of a “bonus” designed to support the growth of the organic food and local in the canteens of schools and hospitals, in a commentary published in “the Sunday Newspaper“.

The president of the Foundation for nature and Man (FNH) and 26 others – including Yann Arthus-Bertrand, nagui (French speacker) or Sophie Marceau -requesting the payment for three years by the public authorities of this bonus canteen organic and local “to structures who want to change practices”.

A bonus estimated at 164 million euros per year for the school sector

This bonus, estimated at 164 million euros per year for the school sector, 330 million euros including the medico-social sector, would allow these structures to develop and register their project on food in the long term.”

The act food and agriculture provides for the introduction of 20% of organic products in catering in public by 2022.

Initiatives already in schools or other institutions, but “the generalization of their shares is limited by the lack of resources”. The creation of a bonus canteen organic and local would succeed, “the transition to a healthy diet”, but without shifting the cost on the families, plead even the signatories of this forum.

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