Apprentice star Lewis Ellis left furious after Lottie Lion ‘gossiped’ about their secret fling in the house

THE Apprentice star Lewis Ellis has spoken of his secret show romp with rival Lottie Lion.

But he was furious when she “gossiped and bragged” about their night of passion.

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Lewis Ellis is furious with Lottie for revealing they romped while competing on The Apprentice[/caption]

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Lewis and Lottie grew close in the contestants’ shared London house[/caption]

Marketing manager Lewis, 29, was also upset at claims she romped with a security guard.

Single Lewis and Lottie, 19, are among five still vying to be Lord Sugar’s £250,000 business partner.

They grew close in the contestants’ shared London house then spent a night together on the Finland tourism task.

Lewis said: “I thought she was great and enjoyed being with her.

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There are claims Lottie Lion also romped with a security guard[/caption]


The pair had ‘grown close’ over several weeks in the shared luxury house in London[/caption]

“The fling was supposed to be kept between us. We knew we could get kicked out if it was discovered.

“Then she went round the house telling everyone.

“I confronted her. I was angry she’d put such a great opportunity for us at risk so she could gossip and brag.

“I don’t talk to her now as bad things happen when I engage her.”

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Lewis admitted all to the crew despite fears he’d be booted off the show[/caption]

Fearing the boot, Lewis confessed to crew.

He added: “Production came into the house and spoke to us separately.

“I think Lord Sugar was told because for the steam train away-day task we were not allowed to read any notes and couldn’t prepare.”

Other candidates believed Lottie sneaked off for a romp with a guard while filming at Thorpe Park, Surrey.

Lewis added: “I heard people saying something might have gone on.”

Stress SOS

LEWIS has warned BBC bosses they risk a Love Island or Jeremy Kyle-style suicide on The Apprentice because candidates are under so much pressure.

Lewis will be grilled with Lottie, Scarlett Allen-Horton, 32, Carina Lenore, 30, and Pamela Laird, 29, this week, and said the stress made his hair fall out twice.

He said the Beeb must “improve contestant welfare”.



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