After the disaster of Genoa, photos, festive embarrass Matteo Salvini

While the rescuers were active in the late evening of Tuesday, August 14, to find the victims of the bridge collapse Morandi, in Genoa, the minister of the Interior Italian took part in an evening of celebration with his political friends several hundred miles of the scene of the drama. Several photos of the leader of the extreme right were posted on Twitter, notes the “La Repubblica“, which show Matteo Salvini relaxed and sat down for a celebratory meal that brought together 260 members of his party, the League. The politician has willingly lent the game of selfies.

Some of the pictures have been published by supporters of Matteo Salvini.

Many critics, mainly from the opposition, have been judged the least inconvenient to have kept these festivities, while a drama was unfolding at the other end of the country. Matteo Orfini, chairman of the democratic Party (centre-left), has denounced the attitude of Salvini on Twitter. “”The citizens who hold public office have a duty to fulfill with discipline and honor,” says the Constitution. The images of Salvini celebrating in these tragic hours are a slap in the face to the country and the negation of this principle.”

Matteo Salvini has defended it with “La Repubblica”. “Some of the jackals of the left attack me because on the evening of 14 August, I dared to have dinner with 300 people (…) in Sicily. On the same day, in Rome, I have been at the centre of operations for the fire department to monitor the relief operations in Genoa and then, as expected, I was in Catania to meet with the employees of a company confiscated to the mafia and Messina to thank the customs officials who had seized tonnes of drugs”, he said.

Salvini had accused the european Union

Since the disaster of Genoa, Matteo Salvini was one of the voices sound. He had swiftly denounced the motorway companies, who are accused of investing too little in infrastructure, and had also accused the european Union. The europhobe Salvini had declared the same day of the tragedy that “if there are external commitments that prevent us from spending the money that we will need to put the safety of schools and highways, it will be necessary to raise the issue to continue to fulfil these commitments”. On Thursday, a spokesman for the Commission in Brussels responded : “For the record, under the tax rules (EU, ed), member States are free to set priorities, specific policies, for example the development and maintenance of infrastructure”.

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