After the office or to the beach : 5 Moocs this summer (oenology, to create his start-up, breathe better…)

Thanks to free online courses, you can enjoy days more quiet at work for training or simply to learn new things.

Introduction to oenology. It’s been months or even years, that you plan to register for workshops, wine-tasting without ever take the plunge ? Called Passport Wine, this Mooc (massive open online course) offered by the training centre of bordeaux Cafa, specializing in the hospitality industry, teaches you the basic knowledge about the world of wine : functioning of the vine, species and varieties, appellations and labeling, concept, vintage, method of tasting, food and wine pairings… free Training (no time limit) but you can count € 25 for access to the QUIZ final, and the certificate of completion.

Build a professional project. If, as 41 % of the French, you consider a conversion (but not yet passed to the act), here is a course with a duration of 8 hours to mature your decision… and limit risk-taking. Developed by a coach expert in human resources and a researcher in cognitive science (which studies the human mind), it will help you identify your skills, the steps to be taken, as well as the characteristics of the labour market which corresponds to you.

Create and develop a start-up. Animated for 7 weeks in April 2015, this Mooc was attended by 10 000 learners from 140 countries of the world. Following this success, and to the many requests to reopen, these authors – Romain Beaume from École Polytechnique and Stephen Krieger of the HEC Paris – have made the choice to make it available again. You will learn how to formulate an innovative concept, to ripen, to calculate your funding needs as well as to build the business model of your start-up. Complete course free, but you will have to pay 41 € certify your skills.

Understand the breathing. It boosts our general culture with this training, which we will explain in detail the functioning of the breath and lungs. “Why breathe we ? What are our lungs ? What is the link between oxygen and life ? (…) Immersed in the heart of the hospital, for seven weeks, you will meet teachers, health professionals, interns and students of medicine. You will learn the concepts of the university who have been selected and adapted in order that any interested person may understand and give meaning : breath during a physical effort, at altitude, the role of air pollutants, asthma, hyperventilation…” free Course, paid certification.

A successful separation. Because we know all of them unfortunately a couple separated or in the process of doing so, here is a free program to transmit to the persons concerned. Made by the Caisse d’allocations Familiales du Gard, it’s goal is “to help parents facing separation to better understand what they’re going through and to make choices in the best interest of their child.” On the program : videos, comments, quizzes, and papers addressing aspects of psychological and legal advice in family mediation.


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