After the earthquake in Mexico city, an aztec temple was discovered

On September 19, 2017, the centre of Mexico is affected by an earthquake of magnitude 7.1. During this disaster, 370 people lost their lives. But in parallel to this tragic event, researchers were able to discover in an ancient pyramid, an aztec temple that was till now unknown.

A temple dedicated to the aztec god of rain

It is by checking the damage on the structure of the pyramid of Teopanzolco that archaeologists have discovered a temple situated about two metres below the top of the pyramid of Teopanzolco. A temple built to the glory of Tláloc, the rain god of the aztecs.

This new temple discovered during an analysis, ground penetrating radar, measuring about 6 metres long by 4 metres wide and was built between 1150 and 1200 a.d. scientists explain that the pyramid of Teopanzolco was built around 1300 a.d. This discovered certainly is the earliest evidence of human occupation on the site of Morelos.

With the strength of the quake, the pyramid of Teopanzolco and the temple were extremely deteriorated. The soil has been deformed and their structures are potentially unstable. The scientists will carry out additional work to assess the damage and attempt to put in place of the restoration work. By then, the site will remain closed to the public.

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