After his overdose, Demi Lovato comes out of silence and promises to fight

That’s almost two weeks that Demi Lovato has been close to death. The singer and american actress, plagued from a young age, with problems of addiction, overdosed in her home. If she was able to be resuscitated by the time rescue, she was then very sick for several days, causing the concern of his loved ones but also his fans. For the first time since the drama, the star took the floor. On Instagram, she posted a long message explaining that she was going to fight to get out.

“I’ve always been transparent about my addiction problems. What I have learned, it is that the disease does not disappear or does not weaken with time. This is something which I have yet to beat me and that is not complete”, begins-does it. She then thanked God for having kept alive and in good health. “And to my fans, I want to say that I will always be grateful for their love and support the past week but even well before that. And I want to thank my family, and all the staff of the Cedars-Sinai hospital, all of which have been at my side. Without them, I would not be in the process of writing you this letter today,” says the former star Disney. She concluded by stating that he now needs to focus on his ” sobriety and on the path of healing.” “I will never forget the love that you have me focused and I am looking forward to you to make it a day. I’m going to continue to beat me. A half”.

“It was weeks that the situation had slipped, the warning signals were there. She has relapsed and she thought she could keep control, “said an anonymous source last week to E ! News. In march last, the singer had yet commended on social networks for his six years of sobriety. But in June, in the title “Sober”, she recounted having to back. “Mom, I’m sorry, I’m not sober, and dad, forgive me for the bottles spilled on the floor. I’m sorry for the fans that I have lost and watched me fall again”, sang she in this moving title.

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