Are Charity and Vanessa over for good in Emmerdale? Emma Atkins has spoken out

EMMERDALE fans were left shocked after Charity Dingle and Mackenzie Boyd slept together after their robbery went disastrously wrong during Monday night’s episode (28 December).

But have Charity and Vanessa – who is currently away from the village battling cancer – broken up for good in the ITV soap? Here’s the lowdown…

Charity slept with Mackenzie after their latest criminal dealing in Emmerdale

Are Charity and Vanessa over for good in Emmerdale?

It’s not yet clear what lies in store for the pair after Charity’s latest stunt. 

But it looks like fans should be worried as actress Emma Atkins – who plays Charity in the soap – recently said she thinks Charity has resigned herself to the fact that she’s lost Vanessa. 

Speaking to, Emma revealed: “Charity is on a mission of self destruct. She is utterly heartbroken and seems intent on spiralling further and drowning her sorrows on a daily basis, with no regard for those around her.

“She seems to have lost all moral responsibility, and has no desire to put right her current circumstances.

“She has resigned herself to the fact that her actions are beyond repair. After receiving Vanessa’s letter, Charity realises her actions can’t be undone and what she did was unforgivable in Vanessa’s eyes, along with most of Charity’s friends and family.”

She added: “She has lost all self-respect at this point and is oblivious to the consequences of her actions.”

Emma Atkins has said Charity has given up hope of reuniting with Vanessa

What’s going on between Charity and Mackenzie?

Emmerdale viewers know that Mackenzie has been a bad influence on Charity ever since he arrived in the village, kissing her on the side of the road when his car broke down and sabotaging Charity’s relationship with Vanessa

Charity and Mackenzie then paired up to carry out a life of crime together, flirting along the way. 

But viewers were shocked when the pair took things a step further during Monday night’s episode (December 28), heading upstairs after Mackenzie offered to take Charity to the Bahamas with the money they’d made from the robbery.

Vanessa dumped Charity after discovering she’d kissed Mack

Emmerdale fans were shocked by the development and horrified by what it could mean for Charity and Vanessa. 

One disgruntled viewer tweeted: “#Emmerdale destroying #vanity splitting them up whilst MH is on maternity leave is one thing, but they have CHOSEN to take a butcher’s knife to the S/L Charity is now so unlikeable after all she has gone through with Vanessa to still behave like this, she’s un-redeemable now.”

Another added: “Three years of character development all down the drain…like it was nothing, when Vanessa fought so hard to show Charity she was worth more than she thought she knew.”

A third shocked viewer said: “Vanessa deserves and will always deserve better than that piece of trash. So does Noah, Moses and Johnny #vanity #Emmerdale.”


Emmerdale scriptwriter Sharon Marshall has said it’s not the end for Vanity[/caption]

What has scriptwriter Sharon Marshall said about Vanessa and Charity?

Emmerdale scriptwriter Sharon Marshall has hinted that Charity and Vanessa will be able to get over the cheating storyline.

Speaking on This Morning back in October, she revealed: “My Twitter stream, I’m seeing your messages, so I’m hearing everyone.

“Of course Vanity isn’t over. We know you love them, we love them.”

Sharon added: “But of course, the lovely actress went off and had the most beautiful baby in the whole wide world, Michelle, so she’s on maternity leave.

She continued: “We’ve not forgotten about Vanity. We love them as much as everyone else.”

Speaking about Charity’s kiss with Mackenzie, Sharon added: “What this is is Charity getting something wrong in her head and doing her usual thing – self-destruction, being an idiot, being hedonistic.”


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