Aries Metal Dog: What does the Chinese and Western horoscope sign mean?

WESTERN and Chinese astrology combine forces and add characteristics to their existing 12 zodiac signs. 

The Aries Metal Dogs are born in 1970 between the March and April months. 

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The Aries Metal Dog represents those born in 1970

Characteristics of the Male Aries Metal Dog

Lovely really, but kinda complex. They’re an Aries, so they’re fearless, but they’re also a Metal Dog and so they worry about everything. 

It’s a mad mix really, they’re also terribly determined and single-minded. Once the mind is made up, that’s it. 

They’re very sociable too, but as the family is so important to the Metal Dog it will play a pivotal reassuring role. 

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Vince Vaughn is an Aries Metal Dog according to both Western and Chinese astrology[/caption]

Because their mind never switches off – active worrying disorder it might be called – they need to learn to relax, to lighten up. 

They are fundamentally fabulous with a genuine heart and a steely determination to succeed. Whenever you get Aries and Metal together you get competitive. 

This one is – tenaciously so, but God bless ’em, if they do have the misfortune to stare defeat in the eye, they’ll analyse, worry and fret about how and where it all went wrong. 

The Sun

Aries in Western zodiac are born between the March and April months[/caption]

They are fundamentally fretful characters – you could argue obsessively so – and it can drive you just plain nuts. 

However, their motives and intentions are always so honourable and genuine you find yourself succumbing to their sometimes needy whims. 

Chinese astrology has 12 zodiac signs as well each belonging to their own year

This boy’s a paradox in a way. A fearless gladiator and a three-day-old puppy rolled into one. 

He’s gorgeous and just ever so slightly complex, will he ever stop worrying? Quite possibly not. Fab.

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Characteristics of the Female Aries Metal Dog

Quite a high maintenance minx on her day. Why? Because although she’s really very strong, she’s a serious worrier. 

She’ll spend too much of her time pretending to be someone she isn’t. 

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Olympian Kelly Holmes is an Aries Metal Dog as well[/caption]

Meaning she’ll come across as tough and knowing – but inside she’s very unsure about everything. 

The one thing this combination lacks is warmth and openness – they’re too wary of everything and everyone. 

They really need to just chill out; the family is pivotal where Metal Dogs are concerned, and offer much needed reassurance. 

The Sun

Female Aries Metal Dogs are always energized and take things too seriously[/caption]

They’re talented and will do well in life – but simply have to learn to mellow out. 

A year-long course of yoga wouldn’t go amiss. It’s just that you get certain characters in life who take said life just a tad too seriously – and that’s just what these girls do. 

If ever there was a combination that needed to sit back, take stock of their life and embrace all things social, it’s these girls. 

The Chinese signs coexist in harmony in yin and yang philosophy

They need to adopt a much more carefree – you might even argue, reckless – approach to life. Their talent, their drive, their single-mindedness and their tenaciousness are simply not up for debate. 

They’re a given. They just need to be aligned with a happy-go-lucky demeanour, which is all too often missing from these fundamentally lovely girls. 

So come on Little Miss Aries Metal Dog – invite the girls round, crack open the champagne and yell in unison, “What the hell.”

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