Around 80 widows of ISIS fighters set to ‘stream back to Britain’ with their children and are suspected of being ‘part of all-female terror cell’

AROUND 80 widows of ISIS fighters — many with children — will stream back to the UK, it was reported yesterday.

Some of the British women are suspected of being part of an all-female jihadi terror cell.

PA:Press Association

Natalie Bracht is one of the 80 women who will return to the UK from Syria[/caption]

They travelled to Syria but are coming back after their husbands were killed on the battlefield.

They include a convert daughter of an ex-British Army paratrooper, two sisters from East London, and an IT graduate whose mum works in the NHS, an investigation found.

An official told The Sunday Times: “We will speak to everyone because they may have been involved in terrorist activity.”

Natalie Bracht, Reema Iqbal and Zara Iqbal, Ruzina Khanam and Maylbongwe Siba were among those held in Syria after the fall of IS last year.

PA:Press Association

Natalie and her five children pictured at Kings Cross station before leaving the UK[/caption]

Their Portuguese husbands were radicalised after travelling to London to seek football careers. The men, known associates of Jihadi John, were said to have converted to Islam after meeting hate-preacher Anjem Choudary, who was freed from jail here last week.

Britain is under pressure to repatriate jihadi brides from detention camps controlled by Kurdish forces in Syria.

The MoD and Home Office did not comment.


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