1. Enjoy this Christmas,Bovey and Turner.Next year,pay your debts and go away,you have lost all dignity,now you will lose your ill-gotten gains.Bet your ex’s are finding it hard to keep straight faces! What goes around, comes around,you are getting yours!

  2. These scum get away with murder along with the human rights lawyers and the rest of us get is pay your tv licence and your rates otherwise we will fine and imprison you. GREAT Britain! it is for the fat cats along with the asylum seekers and the army of back up staff to ensure they get everything that is entitled to them. The wake up call is coming as the silent majority are now waking up to the fact that the tax paying public can no longer afford this nonsense anymore,

    I remember all the publicity at the time bovey left his wife and 3 children for anthea,I was in a similar situation at that time and can fully understand what della was going thru,but what bovey and turner did then digusted me,they made a load of money from ok magazine by having a large wedding then froliking in spain with boveys 3 girls.Della must have suffered beyond imagination,they deserve all they get,I have no sympathy for them

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