Arthur Labinjo-Hughes’ killer dad Thomas Hughes NOT attacked in prison, officials say

OFFICIALS have squashed rumours that the killer dad of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes was brutally attacked in prison over the weekend.

Reports surfaced online that monster Thomas Hughes has been “badly injured” during an attack in prison after being jailed for the six-year-old’s manslaughter.


Little Arthur was tortured and abused in the run up to his death[/caption]


Reports online indicated that his dad Thomas had been attecked in prison[/caption]

Hughes, 29, had just started his 21 year prison term when the rumours on social media claimed that he had been assaulted while in segregation.

But the Ministry of Justice has denied the rumours, stating there was “no suggestion” that he had been hurt.

Unsubstantiated reports claimed he had been beaten up and left in a critical condition at the undisclosed prison where he is serving his sentence.

A spokeswoman for the MOJ said: “The governor of the prison has been contacted. It seems to be a rumour. There is no suggestion there has been an assault.”

Both Hughes and his ex-girlfriend Emma Tustin, 32, were jailed for the death of little Arthur after torturing the youngster.

Tustin was caged for life with a minimum term of 29 years after being convicted of his murder and four counts of child cruelty.

Arthur was isolated, poisoned with salt and starved in his final months before twisted Tustin’s fatal attack where she banged his head repeatedly against a hard surface.

A judge even slammed “cruel” step-mum Tustin after it was revealed she tried to kill herself to avoid facing justice.

The case has sparked an outpouring of grief and outrage across the nation, and the couples “lenient” sentences are set to be referred to the Attorney General.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has demanded a review of the sentences “as a matter of urgency.”

Downing Street said Mr Johnson would consider any requests from Arthur’s family for a personal meeting.

Arthur’s grieving grandfather, Peter Halcrow, said the couple responsible for his death “must never see the light of day again”.

Grieving Peter, from Dunkeld, Perthshire, added: “I realised Arthur had been killed but didn’t realise how much he suffered until the court case.

“And for the last 38 days I have been left feeling physically sick as I followed online.”

Tributes were paid to Arthur at Premier League matches this weekend, clapping for him in the sixth minute of the games.

Arthur’s gran Madeleine Halcrow wept as hundreds of balloons were released in his memory in his home town of Solihull, West Midlands.

The government yesterday launched an urgent national review of lessons to be learned from Arthur’s horrific death.

A probe will be led by Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel chief Annie Hudson in a bid to avoid a repeat of the fatal failures.


Twisted Emma Tustin was jailed for life over the youngsters murder[/caption]


An independent review will be launched into Arthur’s death[/caption]


His killers posed for pictures in a hot tub as Arthur stood freezing in the hallway[/caption] Link

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