As new condom claims to withstand 1000 thrusts during sex, how many can you?

WHAT’S the longest a bloke is likely to last during sex? According to scientists, it’s up to 1,000 thrusts.

That’s the number of movements a new type of condom will withstand.

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The bonking boffins say 1,000 thrusts – but what do real couples say?[/caption]

Backed by former Microsoft boss Bill Gates, US researchers are developing the hi-tech polymer-coated sheath which is less likely to split than traditional condoms because it is self-lubricating.

But sexpert Annabelle Knight reckons the typical number of thrusts a guy makes before he finishes is much lower than 1,000.

She says: “The average sexual encounter lasts 19 minutes. Let’s say 25 per cent of that time is foreplay. So that’s almost 15 minutes of sex with around 30-40 thrusts per minute, or 600 thrusts in a session.”

So who is right – the boffins or the bonking experts? Here, four couples count their thrusts during one sex session – and reveal if the quantity is as important as the quality.

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These four couples have given us the low-down on their lovemaking[/caption]

‘Sex is about more than just pelvic reflexes’


IT WORKERS Lana Corina, 30, and Stephen Letch, 34, live together in Greenwich, South East London. They have been together for eight years. Lana says:

“The idea of 1,000 thrusts seems very excessive. I don’t think many people could make it to that but it is good that there’s a ­condom lubricated enough to help.

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After eight years together, Lana and Stephen still fancy each other – but feel 1,000 thrusts is a tad ‘excessive’[/caption]

“Our sex life is still good. We both feel ­attractive and are still attracted to each other.

“We do a lot of dancing, go to the gym and stay fit. We are both in good shape.

“I know some couples get bored but we haven’t. We have managed to keep things heated in the bedroom.

“But when Stephen takes his shirt off I think, ‘Ooh, nice’ not, ‘How many thrusts can he do?’

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Never mind the thrusts, Lana says sometimes she likes to be in the driving seat[/caption]

“I think sex is about other things as well as just thrusting. It is about the whole package, not just your pelvic reflexes. A woman needs to feel turned on and it doesn’t always have to be the guy in the driving seat.

“Maybe from a man’s perspective it’s all about the thrusts but it’s not from mine and I imagine other women feel the same.”

STEPHEN SAYS: “I would say our sex life is fast, heated and passionate, so 405 seems about right.

“A thousand seems a bit time-consuming. I counted that amount in my head and it felt like it would be ages.

Stephen has done his sums and reckons 405 thrusts should do the trick

“It’s quality not quantity. I am not insecure about myself or my performance. Of course, you always want to go for more but it is best not to overthink it.

“We have our ups and downs with sex. Sometimes it can be once a week, sometimes we can go a couple of weeks without sex and on holiday it’s always much more.”

‘I don’t want it to be like a jackhammer – it’s unsatisfying and over too quickly’


CUSTOMER service worker Terri Wilkins, 30, has been with 36-year-old technician Ronnie James for a year. The pair live together in Wellingborough, Northants. Terri says:

“We have a very active sex life and have sex every day.

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A year into their relationship, Terri and Ronnie are still totally into each other[/caption]

“I am more than happy with the number of Ronnie’s thrusts.

“It’s more about what he does in bed and the sexual positions. I don’t want it to be thrust, thrust, thrust like a jackhammer.

“That’s not satisfying for me and it can all be over too quickly.

“A condom that keeps you both lubricated does sound interesting and I would like to try it when it comes out.

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Terri doesn’t like the sound of a thousand thrusts, saying jackhammer sex is not for her[/caption]

“To me, a thousand thrusts doesn’t sound too much.

“You could just last that little bit longer but it would have to be mixed up with other stuff.”

RONNIE SAYS: “I think 656 thrusts is pretty good. We have a good sex life.

Sometimes we would like to go a bit longer but 1,000 thrusts seems like a lot – and it could become quite ­repetitive.

Ronnie reckons 656 thrusts sounds about right

“As long as you are satisfying your missus why does it have to go on and on? Nobody wants to get bored.

“We are really attracted to each other and we are always having sex like rabbits.

“Me and Terri are at it every day so my 656 thrusts must be doing the trick.”

‘Jay plays loads of sports so he has a lot of stamina. I think it helps’


SECRETARY Serena Baily, 36, lives in Southampton with her two daughters from a previous relationship. Her partner Jay Watkin, 32, from Chippenham, Wilts, works in marketing and has a four-year-old daughter and a two-year-old son from a ­previous relationship. Serena says:

“Our total is not too much or too little – it’s just right. We have a really great sex life and we­manage thousands of thrusts in one session.

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Serena and Jay have plenty of thrust in their sex life[/caption]

“We are still a few months into our relationship and it is very much the honeymoon period, so we are always having sex.

“It helps that we are both very physically fit so we can last a really long time.

“Jay plays a lot of sport so he has a lot of stamina. I think that really helps.”

 JAY SAYS: “I’m happy with my performance but there is always room for improvement. You always have to try to be better and not settle for second best in life. That applies to sex too.

Sporty Jay reckons he can manage thousands of thrusts in a session

“We are very sexually active and very attracted to each other. We are always at it.

“As a guy, I would have said I can do at least 10,000 thrusts but it wasn’t me counting so I have to trust her maths!

“Anything that will help to improve sex seems like a great product to me so the new ­condom sounds interesting.”

‘I enjoy slower sessions, so we can last longer’


PERSONAL trainer Bonnie O’Hara, 24, from Bedford and Jay Tyrer, 24, a trainee ­personal trainer from Lincoln, have been together for three months. Bonnie says:

“I don’t usually count, but I was pleased with our number of thrusts.

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Only three months into their relationship, personal trainers Bonnie and Jay are happy to give thrusting a good go[/caption]

“When having sex we usually go for about 30 or 45 minutes.

“I guess how many thrusts affects how long it lasts. The more per minute can sometimes mean the sex is over quicker as it requires more exertion.

“I am happy with our sex life.

“But if I have a busy day ahead then lots of thrusts per minute is probably better as we don’t always have time for long sessions – and sometimes a quickie can be fun.

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Whether it’s a quick and fast or long and leisurely, Bonnie and Jay have no complaints[/caption]

“If I have more time on my hands then I will enjoy slower thrusts but more so we can last longer.”

JAY SAYS: “I feel happy with my ­performance and the number of thrusts.

“Our sex life is great. We get a good time out of it and we last a while. Chucking in plenty of foreplay is good too.

“We have only been together three months so we always want to rip each other’s clothes off.

Only seeing Bonnie at weekends, Jay barely has time to worry about counting thrusts

“As we live apart we only get to see each other at weekends so we make the most of it.

“For us, sex is non-stop from the moment I arrive on Friday to the moment I have to go home again on Sunday.”

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