As Prince Charles celebrates his 70th birthday with Sun readers, our royal photographer shares his favourite moments from past 42 years

WHEN Prince Charles turned 70 this week, the Sun’s royal photographer Arthur Edwards gave him the perfect gift.

He presented the Prince of Wales with an album capturing treasured moments from their 42 years working together — the future King and the photographer from London’s East End.

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Prince Charles with his sons , Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex[/caption]

From crazy ski gear and sledging to traditional dancing and mucking in with oxen in India, they show Charles’s colourful life in pictures.

Arthur, 78, started photographing the heir to the throne in 1976 and has covered royal visits to more than 120 countries for Britain’s favourite newspaper.

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Prince Charles walked Meghan Markle down the aisle to marry Prince Harry[/caption]

Tea party

At a huge Sun tea party Charles hosted at opulent Spencer House in central London this week for 70 readers turning the same age as him, the Prince said: “Our overseas visits would never be the same without Arthur. I get more and more worried because he is more advanced than we are. I’m worried about the number of cameras and bits of equipment he carries in hot countries.

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The Prince of Wales celebrated his 70th birthday this week[/caption]

“He’s a very good photographer and a jolly good bloke — a very special person.”

Arthur said afterwards: “I am deeply touched by the Prince’s kind words.”

During the tea party, Charles and Camilla pored over Arthur’s album.

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Arthur Edwards shows the royal couple his favourite pictures of Charles[/caption]

Here, Arthur recalls the stories behind some of his favourite shots.


SKIING, 1980

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Charles laughed out loud at this picture. We had spotted him skiing down a slope wearing a false nose, funny glasses and a fake moustache, pretending he was someone’s Uncle Harry. So all the photographers went out and bought masks and comic noses, and he posed for a picture with us[/caption]



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Charles was meeting some farmers on the visit. There were two bullocks pulling a plough along – and then the Prince had a go at the ploughing[/caption]



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Prince Charles was skiing in Klosters, Switzerland. Late one evening I spotted him flying face-down on a sledge. I got a front-page exclusive snap[/caption]



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I took this lovely picture at a school where they signed the visitors’ book – but Camilla wouldn’t give Charles his pen back. When I photographed it, I just went straight off and wired it because it was such a good snap. The Duchess laughed when I told her that[/caption]



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I took this photo in the desert town of Siwa. Charles and Camilla were walking up a slight hill, linking arms and each wearing a straw hat. Charles joked, “We look like Darby and Joan”[/caption]



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I told Charles: “You are a really good dancer” and showed him photos of him twirling in the Amazon rainforest, strutting his stuff in New Zealand and even doing a rain dance in India. But when he spotted this picture of him taking part in a Mexican flag dance, he smiled and said: “It looks like I’m doing the hokey-cokey”[/caption]


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