As usual, we’re all het up about the criminal’s rights

QARI Abdul Rauf went shopping this week. In a supermarket.

Fizzy drinks, bread, stuff like that. He was spotted by a quite a few people.

nb press ltd

Qari Abdul Rauf was seen shopping in the town where he abused children[/caption]

And they weren’t best pleased to have seen him.

Nine years ago Rauf was convicted with eight other hideous blokes for his part in the sexual abuse of young girls in Rochdale.

He got six years in prison and was ordered, when he finished his sentence, to be deported back to Pakistan. But he’s still here. Still in Rochdale, where many of his victims live. Others in the gang are still clinging on, too.

The Home Secretary, Priti Patel, says she is “straining every sinew” to get this savage booted out. But as in so many other cases, it’s proving almost impossible. The girls — now women — who were abused are enraged.

But old Qari has his rights, you see. They all do, these men who preyed on vulnerable children. Their human rights, under the law. The victims seemingly have no rights at all. Nor do ordinary members of the public who want these scumbags out of the country.

Such are the complexities of the law that it seems to be almost impossible to kick people out of our country. It doesn’t matter if they’re a child rapist, a known terrorist or a heroin dealer. The lawyers are very soon on the case and you’d have more luck moving a mountain.

You may remember at the end of last year we tried to kick out 50 criminals of Jamaican origin, all on one flight. In the end only 13 went. The rest are still happily living among us — drug pushers, gangsters and violent offenders.

Can’t kick them out if they’ve got a child in this country. Or a wife. Or if they can show that they might not have a pleasant time of it in their country of origin.

nb press ltd

Convicted Rochdale groomer Rauf was meant to be deported to Pakistan[/caption]

Dan Charity / The Sun

Priti Patel says she is ‘straining every sinew’ to get this savage booted out[/caption]


Can’t kick them out if their country of origin is a bit nasty, either (which it usually is). That too would be an abuse of their human rights.

The lawyers will also argue that you can’t kick them out if they have “put roots down” in this country. Like, you know, running a paedo ring or organising a skag distribution centre.

It is an absurdity — and hugely costly to the country, too.

Rauf, like most of those he was sentenced with, has dual British-Pakistani citizenship. Some of the men renounced the Pakistani bit when they were inside, making it even harder to deport them. 

And then there are the appeals. The endless appeals. And always — always — the British lefties cheering them on. Opposing every attempt we make to keep our streets a little safer.

Priti Patel has introduced new immigration regulations which will short- circuit the endless delays to removing the bad ’uns from our country. A simplified process which would immediately cut out the chance of endless appeals.

But you can bet your bottom dollar that the Left fights her every inch of the way. 

And meanwhile, people like Qari Abdul Rauf can continue shopping in Rochdale, the place where he ruined the lives of so many girls.

The stuff of night mares for Luisa

WHEN pets die, their owners usually bury them in the garden. 

Or, in the case of cats, throw them in the bin. Not former Apprentice star Luisa Zissman, though.


Luisa Zissman had her dead horse stuffed[/caption]

She has had her animal companion stuffed by a taxidermist. And it’s on display in her house. Problem is, it isn’t a hamster or a budgie. It’s an enormous white horse called Madrono.

I suppose it could serve as a talking point if Lord Sugar drops by.

And at least stuffed it isn’t going dump all over the hall.

Fair game

THE knives are out for that godawful TV talent show The X Factor

Performers claim they were simply used by the programme. Gee. No, rilly? Cher Lloyd, for example, whined: “How could I be so naive? They sold me the dream just to exploit me.”

Ken McKay

Rebecca Ferguson has spoken out to slam The X Factor[/caption]

Rebecca Ferguson stuck the boot in as well. 

Meanwhile, Ireland’s answer to Beethoven and Mozart – Jedward – described Simon Cowell as a “mafia leader”.

Listen. If you want to have a long career in the music business you need to have an iota of musical talent.

You also ought to be able to play a musical instrument. And be able to both write and sing some songs.

Otherwise you’re just a gob on a stick and fair game for the likes of Cowell.

Doc, is it Bard news?

DOCTORS should read Shakespeare in order to “empathise” with their patients, according to a new study. Hmm. 

Certainly some of them need to improve their bedside manners.


Doctors should read Shakespeare in order to ’empathise’ with their patients, a study says[/caption]

You go along for a medical test which proves positive and ask your doc if it’s serious. 

He replies: “Let me put it this way. It’s the Euro Championships this summer. I wouldn’t buy a ticket, if I were you.”

But is Shakespeare the answer?

Visit your local quack with a slight stomach upset and he says, “Ah, thou art riven with the ague, a rancid black pestilence of bile wrought throughout your corporation”, and reaches for some leeches.

Or you pop in with a spot of conjunctivitis and he approaches holding a spoon, screaming, “Out! Vile jelly! Where is thy lustre now?”, and your eyeballs are suddenly on the carpet.

Lion’s share

THE fast-food chain Subway is doing its bit to fight obesity.

Now you can put crisps in your sandwich. Just to add to the hundreds of calories already there. 


Here’s an idea… Subway can add a Lion bar to their sandwiches[/caption]

Here are some more suggestions for sandwich toppings to take the fight still further:

Six spoonfuls of sugar. A slab of lard. A meat-feast pizza. Deep-fried, battered, balls of WD-40. A Lion bar. Two pounds of whale blubber.

Covid a stayer

HERE’S a question. Once everybody has been vaccinated, can we go out and do stuff, like we used to do, without wearing a bloody mask?

The more I hear from the Government’s scientific advisers, the longer I think this thing is going to last.

And with the virus mutating, vaccines will one day be ineffective. Would you bet against us being in the same position this time next year?

Tanks to our voters

OFF to Hartlepool next week to campaign for the Social Democrats in the forthcoming by-election

That’s the sort of fun-lovin’ stuff I get up to on my hols.


Dave Bettney is a local ex-serviceman standing at the Hartlepool by-election[/caption]

We have an excellent candidate in Dave Bettney, a local ex-serviceman.

Dave has got hold of a tank. Not the kind you keep fish in – a proper military tank, with a turret and stuff.

My suggestion that it should be equipped with live ammunition has been sadly vetoed.

Tank or no tank, the Tories are tipped to win Hartlepool – for the first time in the town’s existence.

But that’s only because so many people can’t abide Labour. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were a third choice?

A party which hates the divide between rich and poor. But also supports the traditional family and has no time for identity politics.

The lucky people of Hartlepool have that choice on May 6.

Vote for the party with the most aggressive-looking campaign vehicle.

B-B-C-ya to us oldies

THE BBC has decided it can’t be a**ed to make programmes for older people any more.

Instead it will be investing loads more money in BBC Three, which is currently watched by 14 teenagers in London.

PA:Press Association

BBC Three is to return in January 2022 – six years after its axing[/caption]

Auntie has always felt a need to chase a younger audience. And when it does so it tends to alienate the people who actually pay for its existence – and still care about the BBC.

The Beeb should try to understand on which side its bread is buttered, otherwise it will cease to exist.


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