Ashli Babbitt cop live – Lieutenant Michael Byrd reveals himself as shooter of Capitol rioter & says she ‘posed threat’

LIEUTENANT Michael Byrd has revealed himself to be the shooter of Capitol rioter Ashli Babbitt and said she “posed a threat” before the fatal gunshot was fired.

Speaking in a bombshell interview with Lester Holt — which aired on Thursday at 6:30pm on NBC News — the officer opened up about what happened on January 6, 2021.

Byrd told Holt: “I tried to wait as long as I could. I hoped and prayed no one tried to enter through those doors.

“But their failure to comply required me to take the appropriate action to save the lives of members of Congress and myself and my fellow officers.”

The officer insisted he “followed his training and spent countless years preparing for such a moment.”

He insisted that Babbitt “was posing a threat” to lawmakers inside the building.

In an interview with Zenger News, Babbitt’s family attorney, Terry Roberts, named Lieutenant Michael Leroy Byrd as the cop who ​killed the 35-year-old Air Force veteran.

Earlier this week, it was announced the officer “acted lawfully and in line with police department policy”, the U.S. Capitol Police said Monday.

Federal prosecutors also cleared the officer of any wrongdoing after an investigation into the shooting and did not publicly name him. Capitol Police, concerned for his safety, have also not released his name. The officer’s attorney, Mark Schamel, said his client is facing “many credible death threats” and other “horrific threats” and was forced from his home because of them.

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