Asos, Topshop, H&M, YAY… 12 ankle bracelets to be stylish, up to the feet

Thin chain, cuff, pom-pom, bead or shells, the ankle strap comes in the infinity this summer.

Since the ankle strap has made its big return last year, particularly on the catwalks of Chloe, Chanel and Calvin Klein, this accessory is the lighthouse of the end of the 90’s is once again ultra-trendy. If this jewel is worn all year round, we love it especially in the summer. In effect on a tanned skin this is the detail that makes the difference. In tong, barefoot on the beach, with sneakers or stilettos, the ankle strap is worn with all looks.

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And to each his peg chain as a function of his personality. For the most chic and discreet, opt for a thin chain with a pearl or a medal, an accumulation of bracelet for a look that’s gypsy or even a ankle cuff in fashion belt for more trends. The ankle is a body part that is not always visible at first, so we did not hesitate to choose original designs and colorful. Finally, for the strap to pass the summer, choose resilient materials that do not break and do not rust.


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