Assistants, hairdresser, bus driver,…How much does it cost Brigitte Macron? The Court of auditors made the point

As it has done since 2009, the Court of accounts peels, identifies, recognizes all costs and expenses incurred by the presidency of the republic and its 822 members of the staff. Everything has been scrutinized, calculator in hand, including the report says,“the different expenditures that are particularly attached to Mrs. Brigitte Macron, without however being able to quantify all of these costs, in the absence of a cost accounting system sufficient”. The judges remind us that the activity and expenditure of the spouse does not have legal basis and are based on a custom republican. The transparency charter, intended by Emmanuel Macron in lieu of a proper legal status, has been adopted in the past year.

Everything has a price. Start with the remuneration of a director of cabinet and chief of cabinet, and two secretaries. “Madame Macron does not call neither external advice nor to private providers, which would be paid from the budget of the Presidency,” the report says. This close team takes appointments, is working on the preparation of events or movement in common with the president (Christmas of the Elysée palace, the dinners of State, the inauguration of the salon du Livre…). One of the assistants is also responsible for the management of the gifts of the Presidency, invitations to lunch or dinner with the president in particular. Total expenses included: 278 750€.

These employees and the members of the security service has six offices in “the kite Madam” of the Palace. Two vehicles are at the disposal of the first lady (one for travel, one for security officers). Side transport, the report also lists the number of trips and the means used: train, plane, car.

Accurate in every detail, the report adds that Brigitte Macron benefits from the services of the hairdresser-makeup artist of the Presidency, “but it is not assigned any budget representation”. And the person in charge of choosing her wardrobe, loaned for the events and official trips, is not paid by the presidency.

Very sought, Brigitte Macron receives a lot of mail. About 13,000 letters, the report notes, is that six or seven officers are in charge of picking them.

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