Aubameyang, Bale, Messi and Kane prefer to lease cars… how much do they pay each month and what’s their down payment

LEASING is the new buying.

Today, many savvy footballers prefer to lease a new motor rather than buy one.

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Savvy footballers of today like Harry Kane are leasing their motors[/caption]

It gives the world’s biggest stars the option of swapping cars, if they’re bored of their old one – either before their lease runs out or after.

And it’s often a more modest vehicle that football’s biggest names will prefer to lease in the incredible car collections.

Lionel Messi, Harry Kane, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Gareth Bale and more are believed to have deals on leased motors.

Auto Trader’s Rory Reid says: “Leasing is a great way to get celebrity style without the huge down payment which comes with buying more expensive cars.

“Most people take pride in the car that they drive and want this to suit their style and taste, whether that be a fast sports car or a climate-friendly vehicle, so it’s great that leasing makes otherwise relatively expensive cars more accessible to buyers with more modest budgets.”

So, how much are footballers paying monthly and what did they put down as a down payment?

SunSports reveals all, subject to a 36 month contract with initial payments equivalent to six months payment.


The Arsenal striker is known for his love of amazing cars.

Aubameyang has been seen behind the wheels of a £2million LaFerrari and various Lamborghinis outrageously wrapped, which is believed he owns.

One of his fleet is an impressive Audi R8, that has a £160,000 price tag that is said to be leased.

For an initial payment of £11,118 expect to pay a monthly sum of £1,853 – well within Aubameyang’s reach thanks to a bumper pay rise with the Gunners.

The Gunners captain took to Instagram to flaunt five of his stunning fleet – which have been wrapped in silver, gold… and just about every colour of the rainbow.

Instagram / @aubameyang97

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is known for his fleet of cool cars[/caption]

Nestled in Aubameyang’s fleet of motors is a £160,000 Audi R8


The Barcelona ace has a car collection to envy.

One of his luxury vehicles is a Lexus RX450h, alongside a fleet of supercars worth millions.

Leasing that £58,484 Lexus would require an initial payment of £3,552.

Monthly he’s looking at a paltry £592 per month. Peanuts for the little Argie.


Lionel Messi has a fleet of cars to envy[/caption]


Messi has a Lexus RX450h worth £58,484[/caption]


The England marksman is a fan of British motors.

Kane gets behind Jaguar cars, and has a F-Pace worth £44,431 fresh out the showroom.

However, putting down just £3,245 – nothing for the Spurs man – affords him a very decent lease deal

It’s just £540.99 a month on an F-Pace then.

Instagram @HarryKane

Harry Kane stands proudly next to his F-Pace[/caption]


The most modest Premier League footballer ever?

Possibly. When Chelsea midfielder Kante was at Leicester, he drove a Mini Cooper Hatch.

Most recently, the French international has been seen behind the wheels of a Mercedes, but the Mini was his pride and joy, and it was said that he bought it.

However, to lease the car it’ll cost an initial payment of £1,536, which is only £256 per month. Bargain.

Jim Bennett

Modest N’Golo Kante behind the wheel of his Mini Cooper[/caption]


The Manchester United winger, on loan at West Ham, likes the finer things in life – after all, we saw his lovely home on MTV Cribs during lockdown.

He’s been seen behind the wheel of a Range Rover Sport SVR – the ultimate SUV – costing £107,988.

Leasing it offers a better deal – with a down payment of £5,772.

Monthly, it’s £962.

Getty Images – Getty

Jesse Lingard loves the finer things in life[/caption]


One of his many motors is a Range Rover Sport SVR that can cost £962 per month to lease[/caption]


The Welsh wing wizard is back at Spurs, and ready to show off his impressive car collection to his team mates.

But before he left Real Madrid, Bale treated himself to a Audi Q7 SUV that costs £61,000 when new.

The reliable family car can cost £520 per month, with a £3,468 initial payment put down.

And there’s plenty of space for Bale’s golf clubs too.

Most recently, Bale treated himself to a new Audi


The Liverpool ace loves the German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz.

Henderson drives a AMG GT – a perfect car for a midfielder of the Reds star’s ilk.

It’s an expensive motor worth £124,346.

But putting down £13,452 brings down the monthly payment to £2,257.


Jordan Henderson loves Mercedes-Benz [/caption]

press photo, do not use for advertising purposes

The AMG GT costs £124,346 new[/caption]


The England international is another player who wasn’t afraid to drive a regular motor.

Aston Villa defender Mings, a £25million signing from Bournemouth, used to squeeze his 6ft 5in frame into a Vauxhall Corsa.

Famously, the centre half revealed he knew he made it as a footballer after signing for Ipswich Town when he upgraded from a Citroen Saxo to a Corsa.

A brand new Corsa costs around £18,499.

£920 down, you’ll be paying no more than £155 per month.


Villa star Tyrone Mings drove a modest Vauxhall Corsa[/caption]

To lease a Vauxhall Corsa you could pay as little as £155 per month


The former Spurs and Portsmouth star has had spells in Italy during his career, most notably with AC Milan, Sassuolo and Fiorentina.

Currently plying his trade at Monza, Boateng’s choice of car is suitably Italian – he drives a Fiat Abarth 595.

The cheapest car on this list, it’s worth £17,000.

An initial payment of £1,200 gives you a very reasonable lease rate over a 36-month period.

Splash News

Kevin-Prince Boateng’s ride is suitably Italian[/caption]

For £200 per month, the car is yours.

Prices were worked out using AutoTrader’s brilliant Stars and their Cars tool, that allows you to see what celebrity car you can afford.

Visit to learn more.


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