Baby Donald Trump blimp DEFLATES after being punctured by Tommy Robinson supporter

A BABY Trump blimp being flown at a protest against the visiting US President DEFLATED – after being punctured by a Tommy Robinson supporter this afternoon.

A woman filmed herself apparently popping the giant effigy then shouting “that’s a disgrace” at the anti-Trump demonstrators around it.


This woman was led away by police after the blimp deflated[/caption]

Jamie Lorriman

Campaigners packed up the Baby Trump balloon after it fell to the ground[/caption]

Moment before it had been inflated in Parliament Square for the protest

The woman is believed to be Amy Beth Dallamura – AKA Based Amy – a well-known blogger who has been pictured at Free Tommy Robinson demonstrations in support of the EDL founder.

She filmed herself as she was handcuffed by police shortly after.

Anti-Trump campaigners were pictured packing away the deflated smaller version of the infamous Baby Trump balloon.

That’s a disgrace

Amy Beth Dallamura

It is believed scissors were used to take down the blimp – and police confirmed to The Sun Online they had arrested someone for possession of a pointed or bladed article.

A video circulating online shows the woman shouting “that’s a disgrace” as she praises President Trump after appearing to puncture the balloon.

She yells “done it guys” and says it’s her birthday present to herself as she walks away, before police officers surround her.

A Met Police spokesman told the Sun Online: “As of 5pm, on Tuesday, June 4, one female has been arrested for being in possession of a pointed or bladed article.”


Anti-Trump campaigners and supporters have clashed in London on day two of the US President’s official visit.

Earlier today a crowd of anti-Trump protesters chanting “Nazi scum” hurled a milkshake at a man in a Make America Great Again hat.

The crowd, holding banners and placards denouncing the US President’s visit, shouted at the pro-Trump campaigner as they jostled outside the Houses of Parliament.


Earlier the President’s armoured “Beast” car drove past the large blimp tethered at Trafalgar Square on his way to Downing Street for talks with Theresa May.

The road was sealed off to stop demonstrators getting too close to Mr Trump.

For two hours the protest was presided over by the Trump baby blimp – branded “childish” by critics such as TV’s Piers Morgan.

Jamie Lorriman

The smaller version of the infamous blimp was seen sagging to the floor after being punctured[/caption]


A woman was handcuffed by cops after the balloon deflated[/caption]

AFP or licensors

The protests built as Mr Trump and Theresa May gave a joint press conference[/caption]


Police officers led the woman to a police van as she was handcuffed[/caption]

Amy Beth Dellamura – AKA ‘Based Amy’ – at a Free Tommy Robinson demonstration

Last year campaigners raised more than £16,000 to pay for the six-metre inflatable, and thousands signed a petition requesting it be allowed to fly.

As the crowds at Westminster swelled, Mr Trump gave a press conference in the Foreign Office with Theresa May this afternoon.

He backed Brexit and praised Mrs May’s efforts to get a deal with the EU – predicting she won’t get the credit she deserves.

Turning to Mrs May, he took a sly dig at her negotiating skills saying: “I would have sued and settled, maybe, but you never know. She’s probably a better negotiator than I am!”

He added: “You are a tremendous professional and a person that loves your country dearly.”


Today the President kicked off with breakfast hosted by the Prime Minister at St James’s Palace with Prince Andrew.

He visited No 10 for lunch, before he will host dinner this evening at the US ambassador’s residents in Regent’s Park with Prince Charles.

The President and his family were greeted with full pomp and ceremony yesterday, when his helicopter landed on the lawn for the official start of his three-day tour.

The Queen hosted lunch for Mr Trump and wife Melania, then led them on a tour of Buckingham Palace.

The First Couple moved on to Westminster Abbey, to place a wreath at the grave of the Unknown Warrior.

They had tea with Prince Charles and Camilla, before getting ready to appear at a State Banquet last night.

The heads of state were pictured chuckling together ahead of their speeches to the 170 guests at the feast in the US President’s honour.

Mr Trump hailed the Queen as a “great, great woman” who inspired Britain to win WW2 as he spoke at the the glitzy event.

Her Majesty also formally welcomed Mr Trump to Britain during the banquet and paid tribute to Britain’s D-day heroes 75 years on.

Protesters gathered in London today to show their lack of support for the US President


Mr Trump joined a roundtable event with the Prime Minister after breakfast today[/caption]

Donald Trump and the Queen shared a laugh as they sat down at the grand table last night
The grand procession into the Ballroom – a key tradition in any State Banquet
President Donald Trump and Queen Elizabeth review items from the Royal Collection at Buckingham Palace
The pair appeared happy to see each other yesterday as they said hello with a warm handshake and a smile


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