Baby girl does NOT look happy to see her dad dressed up in a Santa suit in HILARIOUS Christmas 2020 snaps

AN adorable baby girl did not look impressed when her dad dressed up as Santa Claus in one mom’s hilarious Christmas photos.

Maeve McSwiney’s one-year-old daughter Orla had a comical reaction to her dad, Phil Syphers, 38, wearing Santa gear, which they managed to capture on camera.

Courtesy of Maeve McSwiney

Little Orla, 1, was not impressed with her dad Phil’s festive Santa gear[/caption]

Courtesy of Maeve McSwiney

In the hilarious snaps, she can be seen turning away from her very own ‘Father Christmas’[/caption]

But her husband’s new look didn’t go down well with the toddler.

In the hysterical snaps, Orla can be seen wearing a jaunty little Santa hat herself – but the sobbing tot clearly wasn’t a fan of her very own “Father Christmas.”

She can be seen burying her sobbing head in Maeve’s arms, who is also sitting on “Santa’s” knee, in one of the hilarious pictures.

In another snap, she turns towards her dad and yells in horror at Phil’s mysterious white beard and bright red outfit.

Courtesy of Maeve McSwiney

Maeve, 35, said they didn’t expect such a strong reaction from the tot[/caption]

“She went quiet and was very unsure of him and then just started roaring whenever he came near here pretty much!” recalled Maeve, 35, who lives in Australia with her family.

“We did pull the beard down but didn’t seem to help,” she told The Sun, adding that little Orla still “hasn’t warmed up” to Saint Nick quite yet.

“Unfortunately, Santa’s gone back to the North Pole,” Maeve joked. “We had to watch The Wiggles to get over the trauma!

In another photo, Orla buries her face in Maeve’s shirt as ‘Santa’ looks on

“We would love to show [Orla] some Christmas lights but she’s always asleep before dark!” she added.

The photos got a big reaction when Maeve shared them with family and friends on social media, saying she thought it “would be less traumatic but clearly not.”

Orla’s doting parents live in Melbourne and moved to Australia in 2012, where Phil grew up in New South Wales.

Although they will be spending this festive season Down Under, Maeve hopes they will make a trip back to Ireland, and her hometown in County Cork, once it’s safe to travel.

In the meantime, the couple are hoping little Orla will get used to Mr Claus – once all her gifts arrive on December 25, of course.

“We’re hoping she warms up to Santa when she gets all her prezzies!” Maeve quipped.


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