Bachelor’s Victoria Larson breaks down on Women Tell All and admitted she was in ‘immense pain’ while ‘bullying’ others

BACHELOR villain Victoria Larson broke down in tears during tonight’s Women Tell All as she admitted to being in “immense pain” while “bullying” the other contestants. 

The self-proclaimed “Queen” of Matt James’ season caused drama in the house with several ladies before being sent home in a dramatic rose ceremony exit. 

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Victoria Larson broke down in tears during tonight’s Women Tell All

The ‘Queen’ cried as she described being in ‘pain’ while being accused of ‘bullying’ others[/caption]


Matt James appeared sympathetic towards Victoria and wished her nothing but the best[/caption]

On tonight’s Women Tell All special, the women from this season came face-to-face for the first time with the ABC leading man – and each other. 

The show had plenty of drama to address as there were several feuds and outrageous accusations made about the girls this season. 

However, Victoria was put on the hot seat when she was asked to address claims she caused “toxicity” in the house. 

“It’s been hard watching the show back because yes, I was involved in drama and that was a really hard learning experience.

“Because I do feel like I could’ve had a shot at more of a romance,” she said while choking up. 


Victoria Larson was accused by the other women in the house of being a ‘bully’[/caption]


Victoria Larson claimed she deserved a ‘better shot at romance’ with Matt[/caption]


She admitted to having ‘hurt feelings’ after Matt James eliminated her[/caption]

She then continued of her heated elimination where she refused to let Matt, 29, touch her before telling him off in front of the group.

The reality contestant added: ”With my exit, it kind of just hurt my feelings how I saw you said like, I need to self-reflect and ‘I have no words for her’ because I felt like I had done my best to open up.

“I just have tremendous fear of rejection, so that was why my exit was just a little dramatic. I was going through like, just levels of immense pain at that time.”

Matt appeared sympathetic with his ex, responding: “When people ask me about you, I have nothing but good things to say about you.

“I know that, again, I’ve never been in your situation, not only from being on the other side of the rose but just your life experiences, so I apologize if you felt offended that night.”


Matt James came face-to-face with all the women it didn’t work out with this season[/caption]


The Bachelor assured Victoria he has ‘nothing but good things’ to say about her[/caption]

Last month, the controversial contestant was eliminated following a confession from newbie Ryan that Victoria, 28, repeatedly “bullied” her and called her a “hoe” because she’s a dancer.  

After Ryan made the comments known to Matt, the New York hunk pulled Victoria aside to address her behavior. 

Matt made it clear that it’s “not acceptable” to make anyone in the house feel “uncomfortable” with name calling. 

When the former pageant girl responded that the comment was taken out of context, Matt asked when a good context would be to call another woman a “hoe.”

After she didn’t have an answer, the pair parted ways as Matt said he had some “thinking to do” before the rose ceremony. 

Victoria then comes in the house bawling and said she’s “scared to go to the rose ceremony” after their talk.  

The handsome rose bearer then handed out his stems but despite Victoria proclaiming she’s the “only girl” for Matt, she was eliminated. 

“I’m upset because I didn’t do anything wrong,” she said through tears. 

Instead of doing the typical Bachelor goodbye of giving a hug before being walked out, Victoria stood feet away from Matt and refused to touch him. 

“I honestly feel so sorry for you that you will listen to here say instead of facts in this situation,” the scorned contestant said. 

A speechless Matt simply stared back at Victoria without ever replying a word. 

As she entered the car to be driven to the airport, an outraged Victoria said: “He’s not my king and I’m still a queen. 

“Matt is a jester and I feel sorry for his choices. The house is going to feel so sad I’m gone. I brought everyone so much joy. 

“And Matt is not the one for me. I’m never dating another Matt as long as I live I hate that name.”

Fans were thrilled that the “Queen” reign was over, tweeting: “YES GOODBYE VICTORIA BEST DAY WEVR AWOKOOKO!”

“You’re not malicious?? You have a good heart?! You aren’t toxic and don’t start drama?!! Okay Victoria. BUH BYE NOW Waving handWaving hand time ta GO,” another tweeted. 


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