Bad buzz programmed : Logan Paul is preparing a documentary on his controversial

The ultra controversial video artist Logan Paul has announced to prepare a documentary on the controversies that have adorned his year 2018. An idea rather tendentious for Logan Paul, who has decidedly all the bad decisions in the past few months.

Will catch up or simple aqua-planning for the buzz ? Logan Paul is in any case clear that he was preparing a documentary about his recent strange actions. At the beginning of the year, he was offered a trip in the Forest of suicides in Japan. There, he had just filmed a death before you can publish the video on its YouTube channel. This was followed by a flood of media which forced the videographer to make quite small for a few months… More than that, it has also lost the privileged position it has with YouTube.

Rather sincere in his latest VLOG, he says that this period of his life has been difficult and that now, he wants to tell of everything that could happen.

“I am currently filming a documentary about everything that happened this year, everything that happened in January, where I was at in my life and the psyche of what really happened” he says.

The format of the documentary YouTube, since it should be uploaded directly on the platform, seems to take a little bit more impact in the last few months. Mid-way between the VLOG and the television documentary format, this format appeals to many videographers influential who wear, thanks to important means. KSI, another YouTubeur specialized in the boxing world do also to prepare for his next fight in early August against… Logan Paul. Yes, yes.

The loss of a “star”

A video artist’s ultra-influential on YouTube, but also on the social networks, Logan Paul has been a big blow soft after his video last January. In fact, his fans are split into two categories : those who have defended, and those who have severely loaded. Where the story has become complicated, that is when newspapers mainstream have appropriated the story, describing only the facet of “black” character. It is a little of what had happened a few months earlier with PewDiePie and its controversy over its nickname regarding anti-semitic.

In France, in any case, our each other seem a little better hold, but it will do only one thing…

The cinema has changed in a few decades, and there are many criticisms against it. is therefore launching a debate to find out what you think.

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