Brawl at Orly : Booba and Kaaris in jail until the trial

Warning shot in the French rap: the star Booba and his rival Kaaris, prosecuted for their involvement in a brawl-general to the paris Orly airport, have been arrested in the night from Friday to Saturday in the pending trial, which has been referred to the 6 September.

At the end of a hearing by appearance the immediate, the president of the tribunal correctionnel de Créteil has justified its decision by “the lingering animosity between the two groups” and the risk of further altercations. The other nine defendants in this folder have also been placed in provisional detention.

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After about two hours of deliberation, the decision was greeted by shouts of surprise and anger. “It’s going to be the war”, a-t-we heard in the audience. The two main protagonists remained calm, found journalists from AFP. Their lawyers immediately announced they would appeal their incarceration.

After two nights in police custody, Booba, 41 years old, and her former foal-Kaaris, 38 years old, and are therefore returned behind bars with members of their bodyguards on suspicion of involvement in the brawl that broke out Wednesday in one of the halls of Orly.

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The images that went round the World

These two figures du rap hexagonal should on this day take a plane to Barcelona to occur separately in the evening. But before embarking, their two clans are violently tackled in a shop duty-free under the eyes of passengers stunned, some of whom have filmed the scene. The images have since made the rounds of social networks.

“What happened is inexcusable,” had stated before the court Booba imposing case and white tank top tight, playing the appeasement. “The abscess has been punctured, if we are to be blameless for the justice and the rap, it will be no problem”. “Everything is finished, everything is peaceful”, had add Kaaris, a native of Sevran (Seine-Saint-Denis).

The hearing had been exceptionally performed in the hall of the assize court of Créteil, equipped with two boxes to separate the two rappers became rivals after having been very close. “An atmosphere of quasi-oedipal”, had commented to one of the lawyers of Kaaris, David-Olivier Kaminski. “The father is there, the son is there,” he said, emphasizing the willingness of appeasement after the “words of hatred”. At the airport, he pleaded, “Kaaris took selfies quietly with travelers, he was not there for a battle of the rappers”, he added.

“This is a man who has nothing to do in prison,” concluded the lawyer. After the “clashes repeatedly”, the lawyer Booba, Yann Le Bras has also tried to erase the image of “rappers broke out (…) in an airport”. In the box, they are “in their forties, family men”, he said. Booba, originally from Boulogne-Billancourt (Hauts-de-Seine), is an “entrepreneur best practices”, including the planning in charge of concerts for the summer is now messed up. Has Orly, he tried to “circumvent the confrontation”, he argued.

The two rappers face up to 7 years in prison

The court, however, preferred to follow the requisitions of the parquet, in favour of a pre-trial detention of the two rappers. “We are faced with a serious event that requires interim measures necessarily very strict”, said the prosecutor, recalling that “the violence in the overall scene” at Orly airport, the “showcase of France” . “What we decided is that justice makes on the social networks, news channels streaming,” said Yassine Yacouti, the other lawyer of Kaaris. Yann The Arm has highlighted the “mismatch” between the facts and the court’s decision, which he also attributed to “excitement in the media”. The defendants face up to seven years in prison and 100,000 euros fine.

After the brawl, complaints had been filed by Aéroports de Paris and Air France which has amounted to 8,500 euros, damages due to delays on several flights. The manager of the shop duty-free, which has also filed a complaint, has made him state of 54,000 euros.

The rappers, who originally clashed rather in jousting verbal, have found in recent years on social networks a new field of play for “clasher”. But it sometimes goes further. Booba had already beaten in 2013 with rapper La Fouine in Miami. Another of its rivals, Rohff has been sentenced to five years in prison for having, in 2014, violently assaulted a seller distributing the clothing brand of Booba in Paris.

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