Brawl at the peak to skewer in a butcher: a man between life and death

A meeting in a butcher’s shop in the 18th arrondissement of Paris has turned bad on Friday afternoon. While thirty people were waiting, rue Riquet, in order to receive their order, a dispute has broken out between two men. “One of them seized a spike to skewer and continues the second in the street. He catches up with him, and struck him several blows on the chest”, wrote France Bleu, which refers to the new.

The author of the shots leak

If the employees of the butcher managed to disarm the maniac, they have not been able to catch up. The man took the leak. As for the victim, she stood up and then walked a few meters before collapsing in front of a bakery. She was driving at the Bichat hospital (18th district) to receive care in an emergency. His prognosis is engaged. The author of the shots is always sought after.

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