#BalanceTonYoutubeur : the videographer Anthox Colaboy said that he has referred to the justice

The youtubeur Anthox Colaboy, whose real name is Anthony Thiberge, responded Thursday in a video on his YouTube channel to the allegations made against him on social networks and in an article in the “Parisian”, following the accusations relayed by two each other stars, Squeezie et Cyprien. The two videographers had pointed the finger at the attitude of some of their colleagues for abusing their popularity to harass customers sometimes minor. They had appointed a person.

“Le Parisien” reported the testimony of Leah, aged 15 years at the time of his exchanges with Anthox Colaboy, claiming that the youtubeur had multiplied messages of a sexual nature destination of the teenager. Anthox Colaboy ensures this Thursday, don’t know, “who is this person”.

“I have never assaulted anyone in my life, and even less sexually (…) I’ve never harassed anyone, or even intimidated, or threatened a person,” says the youtubeur in his video. It also says that “The Parisian” was never contacted. He added that he decided to turn to “the justice, the real one, not the one from Twitter”. He had already made an announcement in this sense on Twitter, 9 August.

Anthox Colaboy has over 400 000 subscribers. Specialized in the critique of YouTube videos, he is also known for his denunciations of users exploiting their children in their videos.

The accusations relayed under the banner of the hashtag #BalanceTonYoutubeur have shaken the world of the cameramen, some of whom are stars of the considerable audience, particularly among a younger audience.

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