Balm and cream cleansers : and if we changed our routine ?

It must be said that recently, the wave of the new methods of removing make-up overwhelms us little by little. Between the milks and lotions, no one knew really where to give head. It almost seems that each week there is a new way to remove your make up, relegating them to the dustbin of our old wipes. And it’s not likely to change ! Lately, it is the ointment and the balm makeup removers that are emulated everywhere in the beautistas, and it’s understandable.

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Beyond simply removing the makeup, all the makeup removers today promise mountains and marvels. On the side of the balm and ointment, it is not at rest, because unlike gels and milks, which can be irritating, here, the sweetness is. Thanks to the presence of natural ingredients, you can remove makeup from your skin while moisturizing, a two-in-one as it was not often, and that the one does not refuse ! So it gets rid of disks of cotton to adopt a new routine of skin.

What a balm or ointment make-up is done for me ?

Good news : you have the oily skin, combination, dry or acne-prone skin, the balm, or ointment, suit you perfectly. In effect, this method does not leave a greasy film on the skin, but just enough hydration.

1/ The ointment cleansing EVEN

At the Same, ointment, cleansing is a core element of the routine of skin to take care of it during the night. With thesweet almond oil, coconut oil and natural waxes, the brand wants the make-up removal becomes a time of relaxation rather than a chore. For 16 euros*, we therefore offer a product that will change the habits in the bathroom.

2/ The balm make-up remover DIY

For the followers of the DIY, of course, there are some simple recipes to concoct your own lip balm make-up remover. You will need : 3 spoons to soup of shea butter (or cocoa butter, or mango butter) and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. Melt everything on low heat, and remove from the heat, add a few drops of essential oil of vanilla. Transfer the mixture into a small pot to let it freeze.

*available on the website of the SAME and pharmacy


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