Lip balms and protectors : 10 must haves for the summer

Particularly fine and fragile, the skin on lips need to be protected from the rays of the sun, using a solar specific. The latter prevents the skin from drying-related exhibitions. It also helps to fight against the appearance of spots, pigmentation and prevents the formation of small wrinkles. As for a sunscreen classic, the ideal is to renew the application every two hours and adjust the protection rating of the intensity of the rays of the sun.

Our favorite heart of the season ? We love the formulas protective tinted that color to the lips while moisturizing. If you spend a day at the beach or at the pool, use a balm that is water resistant, much more long-held. Finally, please do not hesitate to test the textures and fragrant, with tasty notes of coconut and vanilla, which plunge us directly into the world of vacation.

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