BBC presenter seen ‘smoking’ during coronavirus broadcast – but is all as it seems?

A TIK TOK video has gone viral showing a BBC News presenter holding what appears to be an unlit cigarette.

Reeta Chakrabarti holds the mystery item between her fingers as she reads the latest headlines.

Jam Press

Just what is Reeta Chakrabarti holding in her hand?[/caption]

Jam Press
Jam Press


The footage is originally from 31 October, when it was announced England would be placed under a second lockdown.

The clip has left viewers divided, unable to decide whether it was indeed a cigarette or the bottom end of a pen.

“When you forget to put your fag out before your shift”, the post, which has since racked up 5,000 likes, was captioned.

“Poor women must need one, I feel like one myself gave up ages ago,” one user commented.

“That’s hilarious. You think she needs it after tonight’s waiting game,” another wrote.

“OMG what a joke, she must have been in a hurry,” commented another user.

Others pointed out it was just an unfortunate angle and the object was just a pen.

“It’s clearly the bottom end of a pen,” wrote one user while another added: “It’s a pen? Not even that funny.”

Jam Press


Jam Press

Many pointed out that it’s clearly a pen[/caption]


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