BBC’s The Victim – Is Craig Myers really child killer Eddie J Turner?

THE Victim kicked off on BBC One last night (April 8) and the gripping drama already has viewers hooked.

But is Craig Myers really Eddie J Turner? We take a look at the evidence so far.

Is Craig Myers really who he says he is?

Is Craig Myers really Eddie J Turner?

Well this depends on which characters from The Victim you believe – Craig Myers (James Harkness) or Anna Dean (Kelly MacDonald).

The story centres around the fact that Craig has been attacked after it was posted on the internet that he is in fact Eddie J Turner – the teenager who killed Anna’s son years earlier.

Like the Bulger killers, Eddie was given anonymity for life so no one knows who he is, or where he is.

In episode one of the BBC drama, the police, led by Steven Grover (John Hannah), believe that Craig is not Eddie, who is not legally allowed to be in Edinburgh.

However, the episode ended with Anna meeting Craig in court.

Her facial expression at the end of the episode implied that she was certain that Craig was Eddie.

Episode two of The Victim will provide more answers to the question of whether Craig is really Turner.

According to the episode synopsis, in tonight’s episode, Craig will be questioned in court, giving viewers a chance to work out what his real identity is, and if he really telling the truth.

Craig was viciously attacked as he was outed online as being Eddie J Turner

Why does Anna think Craig is Eddie?

Anna is convinced it is him.

It could be a case of she wants to believe it is him so she can put an end to the pain she has suffered.

It was revealed that Anna was the one who had “outed” Craig online as being Eddie – but we do not yet know if she was the one is responsible for having him attacked.

However, Anna’s law student daughter Louise (Isis Hainsworth) seems to believe that Anna’s source for the information, Mo Buckley (Pooky Quesnel) is unreliable.

Anna Dean is convinced Craig is Eddie

Who doe The Victim viewers think is Eddie?

Well the majority of viewers so far believe that the real Eddie ISN’T Craig but is in fact Anna’s daughter Karla’s boyfriend Danny.

One said: “Does anyone else think it’s the daughter’ boyfriend who’s Eddie J Turner? Something really odd about how creepy he is with his gf’s mother. #TheVictim.”

Another said: “Caught up with #TheVictim was pretty good although the idea has clearly came from Jamie Bulger’s murderers. I think the daughter’s bf is shady possibly could be Eddie J Turner.”

While this one tweeted: “Think the daughters boyfriend is either the attacker or Eddie the killer #TheVictim.”

Another commented: “The daughter’s boyfriend is Eddie J Turner #TheVictim.”

They are convinced of his murderous capabilities by his “creepy” actions during the first episode

Viewers are convinced that the real Eddie is Karla’s boyfriend Danny

When is The Victim next on?

The second episode of The Victim is back on TONIGHT (April 9, 2019) on BBC One at 9pm.

It will run every night, with the last episode on Thursday April 11, 2019.

You can catch the first episode now on the iPlayer.




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