Beat The Chasers shock as quizzer easily wins £40k with a huge 13 seconds left on the clock

BEAT The Chasers shocked as quizzer easily wins £40,000 with a huge 13 seconds left on the clock.

Banker Kev Osman from Somerset managed to build up £5,000 in his cash builder round.

Kev after winning £40,000

He was offered £40,000 with 60 seconds on the clock, and the four Chasers received 49 seconds.

But Kev managed to smash the whole round, winning with 13 seconds left on his clock.

The Chasers looked humiliated afterwards, with Mark “The Beast” Labbett even apologising to his co-stars.

When Bradley asked if he could’ve gone for the higher amount, Paul “The Sinnerman” Sinha said: “Of course he could have. He’s a really, really good quizzer.

He managed to beat four Chasers

“To get anywhere near you, we had to take risks.”

Mark said: “Paul’s being very kind there, but the golden rule is never jump in early on a geography question because it can head in several directions. And I broke that rule, so you’re very kind but I screwed up there.”

Speaking about how he’s going to spend the money, Kev said: “I’ve started investigating small recording booths so that I can have a permanent set up for narrating audiobooks with no need for a duvet over my head!

“I’m also keen to set myself up with a woodworking workshop – I’ve got into that during lockdown and would like to do it in a more organised space.

Kev with Bradley Walsh

“I’ll also be buying a new set of golf clubs, mine are 10 years old and definitely due an upgrade.

“There are also some improvements at home that we can now plan for, like oak doors. We’d also like to put some aside for a special holiday if and when such a thing becomes sensible again”


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